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Busy, Busy, Busy...

Hey! Xander here. First of all, I'm extremely stoked that "You're Not Okay" will be available for download on iTunes and about 34 other online music stores. I've been repeatedly asked "where can I get your music?" Well, the first single is done and as soon as the info is approved, it'll be available for you to download and take with you wherever you go! Real happy about that, and it's a positive accomplishment. I've been really busy writing music, meeting up with musicians, networking with producers, bands, and coming up with the plan of attack on how to get this thing off the ground. the album, "Satellites & Avenues" will be out this year, but i'm not sure when. I'm taking the time to record it right, write the absolute best songs and select the ones that work the best with what i'm trying to do, so please be patient. It'll be out. Scouts honor. The plan of attack is to write as many songs as humanly possible, so that's what i'm in the process of doing. It's a long process, and then they have to be recorded, so i've definitely got my hands full, here. The Blackstar amp I just picked up is definitely helping come up with some awesome tones that'll be on the album. That's it for now. I'll post more later, but in the meantime, please continue to spread the word about my music. There's a master plan for all of this, and it really starts with you guys. The support has been amazing, and I thank every one of you sincerely.

Peace, Xander

Never done this before...

Hey there! Figured I would give this blog thing a try, since I usually have more to type about than the update thing lets me do. Sunday, we laid down drums to the album version of "You're Not Okay". Came out really, really good. I'm not used to having much of an influence in the drums, but I helped write a very big part of them on this effort. It's gonna be very interesting to hear this song with electric guitars and all suited up like I always heard it in my head. I can't wait to share it with you guys. Gonna be killer.

So yeah - about the album. It's going to be my first solo album ever, and Austin Bozard is producing it, who was also a bandmate of mine in Orange Ave when I was with them. He's got a crazy attention to detail and he really gets what i'm hearing. I definitely have a lot of thanks to give to him for all of his work on this.

The album doesn't have a release date yet, but as we get closer in production, i'll get one out there. It'll be available for download on iTunes and a lot of other places online. It'll be a lot of things in one for me - first solo album, first time writing everything, and honestly, the first time that i'm playing music on my own terms. Thanks so much for being a fan. I can't tell you how much it means to me. It really makes all of the hard work and countless hours SO worth it.

Peace, Xander