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Fabulous February

Things are chugging along wonderfully these days. Gigs are flowing for both my duet, Swan & Mikey G, as well as for my band BIG Sexy. I am continuing to improve my guitar and keyboard skills while seeking a drum kit so I can start beating the hell out of it! :) My computer fried-sadly-so I don't have access to my lighting design program, though I was really getting to love using it. Hopefully a new laptop is somewhere around the corner in my very near future. I am working with my projects to get more and more videos recorded and we are working on strengthening our press materials. Any suggestions are always welcome. Hope everyone is loving life and trying their best everyday...its all you really can do! Live with passion!

The winds of change are a'coming!

Well, my last blog post centered on my permanent membership in Makeshift....

Now this band is reformed, re-named, and re-vamped! Check out BIG Sexy on facebook and come see us live. I promise that our energy will get you going! Feel free to send song suggestions as we are in the mood for some great new tunes!

Also, a new side project is in the works. S&Msquared's first gig will be at Honey in Minneapolis on November 19th with primo touring band Crown Point from Portland, OR and our talented local pals, Nature of Waves. Please find S&Msquared and the others on Facebook. Don't miss out on a great show--can't wait to see you!

Finally, I am attempting to broaden my artistic appeal to the world at large and will be creating jewelry from nature! I hope to share it within the next 6 months. If you love nature, please send suggestions and I will do my best to create whatever it is that you can imagine!

Permanent Member of Makeshift Now!

What's up internet land? Just popping in quickly to say that after a month of getting to know the band, rehearse a ton of new songs and do a bit of traveling with them, I have finally committed to playing with Makeshift. We plan to share a name change with you soon, so keep your eyes peeled! Its going to be super rad!

The band will be touring all over the Midwest (and hopefully the country--we want to play for our friends everywhere!) We'll be jamming the most awesome dance tunes, rock tunes and maybe even some originals, but that remains to be seen. For now we are playing mostly Wisconsin and Minnesota, but hope to expand our circle to a town near you soon!

New Projects, New People, New Progress

What's up ya'll--hope to see you out with me and my new friends Makeshift Rockers. I am in a trial period with them for a while doing Rock Covers, but might be playing full time once I see how things grow. So far its been fun and it never hurts doing something you love for a paycheck! Dates for upcoming shows will be added soon, so check back often! :)

Also, MelloRoar and I are in an overhaul right now. We are working to gain a full time drummer, with a few solid prospects in mind, and have also secured a very pretty lady to add to the mix singing and dancing with me...hopefully you'll be able to meet her at a gig soon, but give us a while to get acquainted! :)

Finally, Mike Green--my cohort from Melloroar--and I have been working to slowly build our duet nights and it would be fun to see you soon. We are playing a whole bunch of fun sing along songs as well as some modified tracks from MelloRoar. We have a gig coming up December 1st at Heartbreakers in Chaska.

Thanks for all of your continuing support--I could never do it without my fans!

Learn every day

All you should ever need to do to improve your life is gain inspiration and knowledge and apply the inspiration and the knowledge to the rest of the time you are lucky enough to be on the planet.

Not enough people are inspired these days...we need to find those people and encourage them to find more beauty in themselves, others and the world around them. Think of the people with amazing talent who are unable to use their skills and desire for artistic perfection; artistry can come in any discipline, whether as a doctor, musician, teacher, janitor, electrician, lawyer, politician or parent, to name a few.

Lets work together to keep inspiring those around us and gaining knowledge to help make the earth a better and more beautiful place for us all to live. Open your own eyes and then help others to open their eyes to life!

She works hard for the money!

In all honesty, as much as I love the music business, its hard damn work for so little pay. So many of us are out there struggling to make a dollar, and its sad; too much talent is being wasted.

I am lucky to have an amazingly supportive gentleman in my life to get me through the tricky financial moments. But that's just it: I am one of a very small number of lucky ones. And there is no guarantee that my working for pennies is ever going to make a substantial splash in the future.

It is disappointing to see so many musicians sacrifice their talent for a 9-5 job. Lets join together to support our working musicians, artists and writers. They encourage the young minds of today to be the innovative minds of the future! And they need to get paid, too!

I urge all of you who read this: Go see as many local shows as you can. For every $60 national act you could spend Your hard-earned money on, you could see 10 or 12 local acts, who will all truly benefit from your neighborly support.

Thanks to all who read this, and many more thanks to those of you who actually get out there and enjoy the local art, music and literature your community has to offer!

New boundaries!

After spending a day recording with recording, performance and production aritst Mercies May, I have realized new motivation for the areas I've often left untouched. I am proud of the boundary-crossing recording we worked out together and look forward to more challenges in the future of my musical career. Food for thought: The only way to get into the house is to walk through the door.

Searching for talented Twin Cities Ladies!

Hey there friends!

Even though I already work with several projects, my days still feel empty without some independent, talented women working together to blow the collective minds of the Twin Cities music scene.

I have a drummer/Dj willing to provide the backing, though I would even love stomping & clapping for percussion. I just want the strong clear vocals to shine and for everyone to gain exposure for our various projects by working together to promote each other.

This project is not strictly limited to women, but I am focusing my search around adding females to the overall production vocally and instrumentally. Anyone who is interested can drop me a line.

Keep on singing! Swan