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New Kickstarter Project!!

We just posted a video of a new rough mix of one of our songs, Whatever It Takes, from our upcoming debut album!!! We have also launched a new Kickstarter Campaign- we need your help to finish our album!! Please check out and donate to our campaign here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/theawakeningrock/the-awakening-our-debut-album Thanks so much for all of your support!!!

Music Mixing...

Watch the video we just uploaded. It explains A LOT. From why our album hasn't been released to the quality of our recorded tracks. Also included is a teaser of a new mix of one of our songs- a mix we are love and hope you do as well!! Please leave us feedback!!! :) \m/

Back in the Studio!!!

We just got back in the studio to start working on vocals!! So our 1st album isn't too far behind!!! We are soooo excited to get this music out to y'all...we've worked so hard!! We really want you guys to rock out hard to it, so we're making sure it's crazy sick!!! ;)

Our 1st Record!!

Some of you may already know this, but we are in the process of making our 1st record!! We are extremely excited, and everything is sounding EPIC, thanks to our audio engineer, Dominic Fanelli!! So far, we have a rough mix of the music, minus the vocals. Soon you can expect us back in the Xinconium Records studio.

Most importantly, we could never have done this without everyone's support!!! Thank youuuu!!!!


Sooo, there's a very good chance we will be doing a Ustream at practice tonight!!!!!! Stay tuned for more details. Could we possibly play a song you guys haven't heard yet??? O.o

Hey guys

Hey guys I just wanted to continue to say thanks for all the support..we def appreciate and love all of you.


Whats Up?!?

Hey everyone its Tiffany from the awakening. So we just are starting off on ReverbNation and want to know what you all think! We are actually at the moment working on some Q&A videos so you can all get to know us better as well! So i just wanted to say Hey and let you all know whats coming up over the next month or so...We have a few shows coming up within the next couple weeks and would love for you to come out to them! so check that out under the events! Also we are going to be putting an acoustic version of a new song up for everyone next week so stay tuneddd!!! Well its time for school work! Keep rockin' and well see ya later!