L.A.'s "Cardiac" on tour with legendary 80's icons, The Bangles!

Los Angeles's own "Rock Symphony" band, Cardiac is hitting the road this summer with legendary, 80's icons, The Bangles! Preceding their joint dates, Cardiac will be performing at select clubs and festivals in the Northeast. The two bands then join forces to perform a multitude of East Coast shows together this August, 2016 in support of The Bangles latest release "Ladies and Gentlemen...The Bangles."

In addition, Cardiac has released two new songs entitled "Silver Lining" and "Here I Fall," available for streaming and purchase on their website www.cardiactheband.com

Cardiac's sound has been described by Hollywood Music Magazine as "...Sensory overload from beginning to end." The band's usage of layered vocal harmonies, epic pounding drums, blaring guitars, and a backing of beautifully arranged orchestral pieces, have earned the group rave reviews comparing them to the likes of 30 Seconds to Mars, Journey, Queen, Coldplay, Panic At The Disco, and Fun.

Tour Dates and Locations: 8/5/2016 Oswego,NY Oswego Speedway 8/6/2016 Oswego,NY Oswego Speedway 8/7/2016 Erie,PA Sherlock's 8/11/2016 Philadelphia,PA The Tusk 8/12/2016 Atlantic City,NJ The Boneyard 8/13/2016 Clifton,NJ Dingbats 8/14/2016 Newport ,RI Jimmy's Saloon 8/19/2016 Huntington,NY The Paramount with The Bangles 8/20/2016 Philadelphia,PA Theatre Of The Living Arts with The Bangles 8/21/2016 Washington,DC 930 Club with The Bangles 8/23/2016 Annapolis,MD Rams Head On Stage with The Bangles 8/24/2016 Annapolis,MD Rams Head On Stage with The Bangles 8/26/2016 Ridgefield,CT The Ridgefield Playhouse with The Bangles 8/27/2016 New York,NY Irving Plaza with The Bangles 8/28/2016 Newton,NJ The Newton Theatre with The Bangles

Bio: Cardiac came together in 2011, and soon after released an 8 song, self titled, EP in March of 2012. The storyline approach to their music videos caught the attention of various media outlets such as Fuse and MTV for their songs "Breathe" and "Fighting Demons." The group's first EP marks the beginning of a Rock Opera which will be realized in a 20-song, double album and full theatrical stage performance, highlighting the strengths earned by conquering weakness. From frontman Dave DiSarro's epic chant "I WILL FIGHT!" in their song "Fighting Demons," to the whispered "I wish I still knew you" in Rot in Rhode Island, Cardiac has mesmerized audiences at every show. The band spent the next two years performing throughout the United States with three back to back, national tours from 2012 to 2014. Since Cardiac's debut in 2011 they have been featured on the international event, RawArtists, performed twice at SXSW (South By South West), The Formula 1 Races in Austin, Texas, The Sundance Film Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah, and many other US festivals large and small. Throughout their time together, Cardiac and it's members have worked passionately alongside organizations such as Music Saves Lives, Canvas Foundation, and To Write Love On Her Arms. They have also raised money for several fire departments, health facilities, and foundations, as well as put together benefit shows for Wounded Warriors, AMVETS, Hurricane Sandy Victims, and many more. The group also has it's own Non-Profit Organization called The Keys Of Life Foundation which is helping put music education programs back into schools, and has even teamed up with NASA to help donate their out of use computers to those school systems.

Following this summer's tour, Cardiac will be releasing their long awaited rock opera, a 20 song double album, entitled: "Destroy, Rebuild."

Please contact David DiSarro at dayfiveentertainment@gmail.com for guest list, photo shoots, interviews, and promotion material.


The Triumphant Return of Cardiac Thursday | April 30th | 2015 House of Blues | Hollywood, CA :MAINSTAGE: DOORS at 7pm We are following our good friends Fire Tiger music at 8pm!! Please arrive EARLY to insure entrance on time as parking and security can take a few minutes at these packed out events. Valet parking provided by venue. For FREE TICKETS Write an email with a physical mailing address to CardiacTickets@gmail.com Come be there to welcome back the epic rock of the Los Angeles based group, Cardiac, as they perform for the first time on the MAIN STAGE at the soon to be closing House Of Blues. The event opens its doors at 7pm and ve serving dinner and drinks on all three floors of the venue with several incredible musical projects in each area of this massive legendary venue. This is the first of many larger scale shows we are planning for 2015 as we are relaunching the project along side the releases of our new singles. MORE BIG NEWS TO COME!! BIG THANKS to Kelly McGarry for providing such an incredible night of music!!


HEY ALL!! WE ARE ONE WEEK AWAY FROM HEADLINING the MAIN OUTDOOR STAGE at this year's Heart of Texas RockFest in front of THOUSANDS!

Check this out: The Heart of Texas Quadruple Bypass Music Festival aka Heart of Texas Rockfest features the best in unsigned talent that Austin and the surrounding southwest region have to offer, as well as some of the best indie artists from across America and beyond. Launched in March 2000, the first Heart of Texas Quadruple Bypass Music Festival started humbly with one venue and sixteen bands in downtown Austin. Now in its 13th year, the 2012 Heart of Texas Rock Fest will boast hundreds of indie acts in several nightclubs and bars and also on our enormous downtown outdoor stages. Motivated by the desire to support and promote the best yet-to-be discovered talent rising from the burgeoning Texas alternative rock scene, the event is strategically scheduled to coincide with Austin's annual South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Media, Film and Music Festival. Last year over 40,000 rockers came to our showcases!

Over 30,000 entertainment professionals and 200,000 people are expected to attend the ten days of interactive multi media, film, and music events, conferences, and trade shows in Austin. The 13th annual Heart of Texas Quadruple Bypass provides one more good excuse for music industry executives and cutting edge indie bands to come to Austin in March.

CARDIAC Performs the MAIN STAGE at 7th and Neches Thurs 3/14 @ 7pm Sat 3/16 @ MIDNIGHT


Look, "LIKE", Listen, LOVE.

HEY GUYS! We've been back for a week now from our tour and just trying to keep spreading the word. Our EP is out and has already had some songs submitted for placement in some upcoming film by Urband and Lazar Publishing who is taking on our catalogue thus far, which we are STOKED for! We have also signed a big management deal with Joey Gingerella who is working side by side with our producer Andrew Weitz to get us in to some really good hands this year.

Im starting this event as a 3 month promo campaign for our project CARDIAC.


LOOK: Check out our tour video and more at www.youtube.com/cardiacVIDS (We also have our first MUSIC VIDEO coming out soon with follow ups of the rest, a documentary, and A MOVIE!

"LIKE": Please help us by going to our FB page www.facebook.com/cardiactheband and hitting the "Like" button and spreading it around on Facebook for us to your networks.

LISTEN: Hear our ENTIRE E.P. at www.reverbnation.com/cardiacband and if you like it go grab a copy on iTunes from us to help us out. :)

LOVE: Help us grow our name and symbol so that we can get to a place in which we can return the love by conducting some amazing events we have in our plans for building a better world around us in these next couple years. More details on what we are about can be found on ANY of those web pages.

THANK YOU GUYS ALWAYS FOR THE SUPPORT. We can't succeed in our mission without the crowds behind us to help us make a difference. THANK YOU for helping us reach them.


The REASON I'm making my new band CARDIAC

Hey guys, Alot of you know I had a dream long ago to use my talents to serve others and be a leader in this world. I let selfishness and self idolization destroy that and hold me back for a long time now. Something has been battling inside me and I'm finally ready to let go and trust that my heart is being pulled in the right direction right now. In my lifetime I have reached hundreds of thousands of people...dare I even say millions. Hell I have a few thousand just in my phone. I'm not saying this to brag about popularity, I'm saying this to let you know I know what a difference I can make in this world. I struggle with my own inner problems from things I've done to myself and by myself in my past, and I'm not saying I'm going to be perfect in things I do from here out, but I'm giving this a shot. And when my heart is in something, most of you know I GO FULL FORCE! I've begun the launch of my new band CARDIAC. This project has been written over years of time when I was in desperate times of hurt and loneliness. I've shared it with top producers, family, friends, and people I trust to give me guidance on it and realized I have something this time I can use to benefit others, not just myself for once. As I compose this music and performance I will be reaching out to different organizations to be a driving force in raising funds, awareness, or even just helping people smile more by doing what I no best, music, friendship and love. I'm here to serve. That is my purpose on this earth. I've had one crazy roller coaster of a life and all these experiences, good and bad, were put in my path so that I could better understand others. I'm 30 years old and I feel I'm finally ready to start being this leader I dreamed of being one day. NO, this is not a "Christian band" and I will never put that title on us. Whether you believe in God or not, I do. And though I'm not the type that has ever or will ever throw Him down your throat or bombard you with my beliefs, know that He is the one leading me. In closing I ask you to help me spread this by hitting the "LIKE" button on our page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cardiac/176582419043329 Then go even further and post it on to your friends pages, spreading the name for me, and helping other know this is not just a band but a movement with a purpose. If you have any suggestions of places you want us to volunteer our services to, just let me know. We will be spending this next month building a strong community core to work through and help things move easier than just in a local setting. It hit me while setting up tour dates for my old band about just HOW MUCH a musical project can help GLOBALLY by touring all over and stopping to greet people in need with a crew ready to give some time or money to help. If you have interest in being a part of this, just write me. I'm being VERY picky who I form the actual band/performance side with only picking people I have found with the hearts, spirits, and talents necessary to carry this all out. Thanks for your time. -Day V. Cardiac

Dean D. Cooper
Dean D. Cooper  (almost 7 years ago)

Hey Dave, I love the fact that God has led you to this point in your life, I went down the same road as you and the Devil led me to self destruction. I dont know if you know but ALL the members of Elton the Early Years are Christians and Kenny the Lead singerr is a pastor! We always pray before every shjow and let our shows be a light onto each audience in the glory of God, but we, like you dont ram it down others throats, Just let your light shine man!! I am so happy for you , you have grown into an amazing man, musician and person!! God Bless You and lead you down that path to leadership!!!