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Greeting & salutations, Millibillies. Today, we embark upon an unforseen journey, one of which neither I, nor anyone else acquainted with my technological proficiency or pop culture alignment seen coming 'round the proverbial bend. This is my first blog, ya see, and although I am unsure exactly at what a blog actually is, I am confident with your help & support that we will find our course and will regularly blog with one another. I usually don't associate with or partake of anything that rhymes with jog. However, I was informed that these writings would initiate interaction and, most importantly, good ol' fashioned banter between all of us Millbillies. And I firmly believe, through our own stories, trials, tribulations and such, we have come together as something bigger than, say a buyer/seller relationship. The songs I write are, for a large part, experiences that I have encountered, yet just as many ideas and experiences in our songs were spawned by you. I do not consider Millbillies to be fans, but more like friends. And many times as inspiration, for lack of a better term, for what Middle America really is........Americana. Moonshine, tires on gravel roads, cousins, rivers, pines, cottonwoods, elderberry wine, 60 hr. work weeks, love, lust, addiction, heartbreak, failure, pride and good home-cookin' is what I'm talkin' about. Real people who ignite real music. Is it country? Is it rock and roll? What do these words even mean anymore? I can't say. I don't say. And I won't say. And that's what brings us together, I think. We don't have to, and by Gawd we won't. That to me is the Millbilly thing -- drawing a line in the sand and saying something or doing something (or nothing). And if we don't......do not press us because we won't. A metaphoric middle finger, if you will......or an outreached hand to grab upon. A group of people I am proud to call my friends, and may the rest of the world call them our fans, Millbilly Nation......thank you for being. See ya'll on the mountain.


Jesse Charles Hammock II

A Tim Burrows life lesson

"Songs are just like turds, son. Ya gotta let em out."

Mill Musings

We think:

one should not let their crocodile mouth overload their hummingbird asshole.

a man that aint never been gawlded frum a hard days work, lacks character and is possibly no man at all.

it's amazing what a toof brush and a new pair of socks does to a man's endurance.

John Hiatt dishes out records like Charles Bronson hands out ass whoopins.

we have seen styles change over the years in this here fashion world......just glad chest hair has never went out of style.

if you're the smartest person in the room .......you're working with the wrong people.

ain't nuthin sweeter than a watermelon dream.

it's okay every now and again to hunker down.

a rolling stone aint meant to grind.

a waste is a terrible thing to mind.