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In memory of Mitchell. This one's for Mitchell. Our fallen Mitchell. This god among men.

In memory of Mitchell, In memory of Mitchell In memory of Mitchell, This god among men.


I see it now, The end of the line. Incomplete, I fall to pieces. From my knees, I cry your name.

When day is done & all is lost just bury me A world apart!! When day is done, i watch you....

I see you now, & time has passed. Incomplete, I turn away. I'm all alone, I cry your name.

When day is done & all is lost just bury me A world apart!! When day is done, I watch you. The memories, They fade away.



Your eyes, as black as night. Take me away to.... The dark, i scream to the heavens to... Save me from what's inside... The dead, surround me again. Nothing can save me from... My sins, i scream to the heavens to. Save me from what's inside....

My..Life..Drug through the ashes but now.. GIve..Me..My Retribution!!


Holding my eyes open to see your demise. Blacken my skins burning. Puch through the bleeding skies. I rise praise the sinner. Kneel down & say goodbye. Lifeless, fucking broken. Left here to fucking die.

I'm left here to fucking DIE!!

Broken i see through you. Hollow your dead inside. Zero made from nothing. Crumble in the tide. Useless i'm on my own. Stand up & wipe them dry. No more fucking burden. I won't fucking die.

I'm left here to fucking DIE!!

Take me to....the ones i love to hurt Take me to....the ones i leave behind!!

I'm left here....alone to fucking die


Bow down, Under OATH!!!!

Your eyes see through, & tear like glass Nothing so hollow, This soul of ash. My body crumbles, I'm on my knees. These sins condem me, I rise again.

Lead here by dissolation, my fear will not subside. Bled out upon the alter, of this deception!!

This blood forgotten, these tears have dried. Memories turn to scars,Burn down my past. Blood still flows from me, i won't forget. Illusions of the end, tear you apart.

These chains of my corruption Damned..to..this..hell Inside, another nightmare Dead..to..this..hell

LIES...DECEPTION...Condem my life to a memory LIES...DECEPTION...Tear out the eyes of an innocent.


I remember when, i saw clouded eyes, tear drawn agony, bring forth your demise. I hold onto you, yest i'm just cast aside. Scream out just as if, i had FUCKING DIED!!

I can't,,Be what,, You want,,but we both know...... you need me......To dig your grave.

As words tear through to me, this side i hide from you, they rip the flesh away from this never ending hell. This never ending hell.


These wings ascend from hell, to watch you fucking die. Calloused & Useless. I am the great, This great divine this is your final hour.

I, Kill, You, Over & over Necro, po, lis, nothing can save you.

Cast out the sinner, Over & over. Nothing can save you. I'M HERE TO WATCH YOU DIE!!