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#1 spot 6 days running!

Hey friends! Our new single Tell Me Your Story was released two weeks ago for free on TweetForATrack.com The track quickly gained the #1 downloaded song spot and held it for 6 days!

We feel so honored and humbled! Thankyou for partnering with us and making it possible! We've talked with many of you personally about the song, and downloading it for free, and we feel very humble and supported!

Finished Recording

Hey Friends! We just finished tracking two new singles with Neil B. Young! We are super stoked to release this material to you guys soon!

Stay tuned!

We are pummped!

Our EP is set to release next month and we are so excited for everyone to hear these songs. We have poured so much into them and are ready to share our passion with you guys. Make sure to visit our facebook page for more details. www.facebook.com/theexchangerock