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Ricky Buchanan of The Stage Stop

All the guys in 714 are sending out our prayers & positive thoughts for our brother, Slick Rick, who was shot late Saturday night. Here's to a speedy recovery, bro!

Good News!!

Good news from the 714 camp today!

Here's a Jimmy update from Jimmy:

Found out today - NO CHEMO! I will do 7 weeks of radiation stating in about a month. Also - had my first full day of work in the office today. Felt good to get out of the house and be around the good folks at FedEx!.

And here's a Jimmy update From Donna:

Today I'm thankful that Jimmy will NOT have to have chemo....only radiation, & that will start next month. Not that radiation on the throat area will be in any way EASY....but taking chemo off the table makes us grateful. — feeling grateful with Jimmy Fulp.

Do it for Jimmy!

Whatever your "thing" is...be it praying, sending out good vibes, thinking good thoughts or any other positive ritual you may have...please take several moments throughout your day today & do your "thing" for Jimmy and his family. Today is Jimmy's surgery to remove the cancer from his throat. We love you Jimmy!! #gotthis

Jimmy Update 10/21/2013

Jimmy's wife, Donna, has the latest Jimmy update...

Jimmy's PET scan showed his chest being clear....now he is going to see an upper gastro doctor this Wednesday to pinpoint the primary tumor in his throat before surgery on the 30th.

New Jimmy Update

Surgery date is set for Wednesday, October 30th. We should have the results of the PET scan tomorrow. I will update as soon as we know something. Thank you all for your prayers, thoughts and cards. It makes going through this a little easier knowing y'all have my back!

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Jimmy Update

Here's a Jimmy update from his facebook page...

UPDATE: I have a PET scan scheduled for Thursday (10/17). This will determine if the cancer has spread or is just in my neck region. Thanks to everyone for your kind words and prayers. They mean more to me and my family than you can imagine.