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I'm new to blogging

Not really sure what this is all about yet but am about to learn.

I just started a new business to help songwriters who are coming to Nashville. I used to waste a large part of my visit in waiting on people calling me back etc ...so my business is designed to help people make the mosyt of their visit by helping them - for a fee - to set up co-writes, meetings with publishers, writers night performances, accommodation in a songwriters' home, demos, song critiques, career advice, stage performance coaching, voice and instrument lessons ..in fact, anything you might need, tailored to your budget and career priorities.

Don't live in Nashville but want to pitch a song ?? ...I can burn your song onto a CD, add your logo and then drop the CD off to the label/artist address.

Coming in from overseas ?? I'll have a local cell phone for you, a ride from the airport 9if you don't have a car) etc.

Check it out on the website at www.lornasnashvillesongwriterservices.com ....long name but does what it says.