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Dark Half's "Chapterz" REVIEW by Fat-Ass Phrankie!!! (PART 3)

19) No Regrets (feat. King Gordy & Bizarre) This song contains some of the best lyrics and spitting I’ve heard from either of these cats. The fact that this is the second to last song is amazing considering the CD has kept my attention the entire time through. As good as Gordy and Bizarre are, in my opinion, I feel that honestly, Insane D and Genocide both outshine their guest features on this one. This is saying a lot, seeing as how Gordy and Bizarre are arguably the ‘biggest’ names on this record.

20) Last Call The last five tracks or so have shown the most variety. That being said, this conclusion track is no different. Another melodic type of beat, provided by Stir Crazy this time around, sets the mood for this one. Very nice close to an overall insanely dope full length CD.

Conclusion: “Chapterz” proves to be a very impressive debut full length from LSP’s Dark Half. These two underground rappers should definitely be proud of themselves for presenting their fans with a great record, which is entertaining and enjoyable the whole way through. To accompany the great performances by both Insane D and Genocide was production by some of the best in the Wicked Underground, which helps to move the tracks along in a way that allows fans to never be bored. I tried really hard to find something negative to say because I feel that CD reviews can’t ever really be ALL GOOD. Unfortunately, I can’t really find anything that disappointed me this time around. Some may say that there were too many guests, but I feel that Dark Half has done a great job in having JUST ENOUGH guest features, while still being able to prove that they can hold their own, if not outshine said collaborators. Another thing I would like to point out is that these guys bring a different type of sound than one would expect from a hardcore, horror-themed rap group—no one (other than maybe Ice-Pic) in my eyes, can really pull off the singing along with the rapping. Genocide’s voice is dope enough when he sings that you may even sometimes forget that this is mainly a rap album. With all of these factors, it is easy for me to say that this record is for sure one of the greatest horrorcore CDs to be released in a very long time. No Wicked Underground fan should consider themselves a collector, if they don’t have this album somewhere on their shelves.

Dark Half's "Chapterz" REVIEW by Fat-Ass Phrankie!!! (PART 2)

11) Human Meat (feat. Fritz The Cat) While this specific track certainly isn’t bad in any way, nothing really sticks out to me at this point. The hook is one of the more generic horrorcore choruses, which isn’t bad, and actually helps stray away from all the singing styled hooks. Good track, but not the best.

12) Final Warning (feat. Majik Duce) We’re provided with a different type of beat for sure on this song. The chorus is amazing and I love the fact that D and Genocide got a hold of Duce for this track. Awesome fuckin’ song. Haters better beware of these cats ‘cause “YOUR MOUTH WILL GET YA MURDERED!”

13) One Late October For some reason I never get sick of hearing these dudes rap/sing about dead bodies. Another horror-filled track about killing fools with appropriate production and perfectly fitting performances.

14) Disorder Wow… this track kicks off out of nowhere. This is something I would expect out of Scum or someone else. With a more rock influenced type of beat, this def. helps break up the style you get used to on this CD. It was indeed a pleasant surprise and I was very glad to see these guys try something different from their ‘normal’ style.

15) Live Threw This (feat. Liquid Assassin & Scum) I can’t get over how ‘natural’ these guys sound on the microphone. Everything they say sounds so smooth. I’m very impressed. With the additions of LA and Scum, Dark Half manage to give us one more great song.

16) Demons In My Head (feat. Dope Fiend) This is another track that I’ve heard off of the group’s MySpace page. Another beat that strays from the norm, but it fits the lyrics perfectly…a more melancholy instrumental for a track about, well, “Demons In My Head!” The addition of Dope Fiend also serves as a sample of what we will possibly hear on what seems to be a joint effort advertised in the booklet of a Dark Half AND Dope Fiend record. Can’t wait for that to drop, hopefully this year!

17) Gut-Pile (feat. Smallz One) I really like what Smallz did on the hook for this track. Basically a vile-ass, disgustingly themed track. Awesome shit!

18) Kill Yourself Judging by the title of this one, everyone could assume what the lyrics will pertain to. D and Genocide basically tell everyone to just kill themselves and some specific ways in which they can do so!

Dark Half's "Chapterz" REVIEW by Fat-Ass Phrankie!!! (PART 1)

Disclaimer: Let me start by letting all of you guys know that I do not claim to be an artist/musician in any way, so if my lingo or terminology is incorrect, I apologize in advance. I am reviewing this as a fan, and a fan ONLY. Now, onto the dopeness…

1) Intro This CD starts with this perfect intro to get its audience into the proper mood for what’s to come. With a creepy ass beat, a short couple of samples and one line of “You opened up the book” repeated over and over again, fans can def. get ready for a sick story provided by Dark Half.

2) Dead And Dying I first heard this on Dark Half’s MySpace months ago and loved it ever since the first full play through. With verses about none other than ‘death’ and ‘dying,’ both MCs deliver nice performances surrounded by one of my favorite hooks by Genocide. Dope track!

3) Driven Another pair of dope verses by both members and another memorable hook sung by Genocide. Nice production and nice vocals. Another dope one.

4) The Beginning This track is a solo by Insane D. His verses sound so smooth and not like a lot of artists that sound forced and/or rehearsed. A stranger sounding beat, but very nicely done overall.

5) Freak This track was also up on the group’s MySpace page for quite some time; it’s basically a story about how these cats go through life as freaks with fucked up thoughts about death, etc. A nice eerie beat by Ressurrector adds some atmosphere to the story.

6) Diary of a Lost Cause (feat. Sicktanick & Razakel) The beat for this track is more of an up-tempo type beat than we’ve heard so far, but it still fits the MC’s on the track perfectly. Very nice performances by Insane D and Genocide again with very fitting additions by Raz and Sick of SKR. One of my favorite tracks on the CD for sure.

7) Body Funk (feat. Mars) Stir Crazy provided a great beat for this track. Since it features Mars, fans could easily assume it’s going to be on some horror-funk type shit. Another one of my favorites on the CD—from the hook to the beat, everything is dope!

8) Just Another Death (feat. Monsta Squad) This song couldn’t get any better. It features production by the beast known as Fiasco (of LSP) and has verses by four of my favorite horrorcore rappers EVER—Insane D, Genocide, Mr. Kiltcha, and Juz-10. When it comes to pure, straight-up horror sickness, no one can touch any of these cats. Easily in the top three best tracks on this entire record.

9) Dying Breed This track has one of my favorite Genocide verses I’ve heard thus far. With his mixture of melodic singing and vicious rapping, it makes for a great combination yet again on this dope track!

10) The Diary of George Stark (feat. Maniax) This is a nice little story type of track about being schizophrenic. All about voices inside of one’s brain and what these voices cause them to do. Maniax provides a pretty decent verse, which keeps up with Dark Half’s performances fairly damn well.