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Mixing Session Confirmed

Just finalized the date with Alan Douches of West West Side Music to master our upcoming release. More details soon. We worked with West West Side for the production of our last studio album April's Empire. Looking forward. Check out their credits: http://www.westwestsidemusic.com/3credits.html

Feet Don't!

July will be busy as we record our latest song Feet Don't Fail and then start the video shoot the next day. We're very excited to work with Perennial Sound Studio. Interested in hosting our video shoot? We are looking for a retro style kitchen large enough for the six of us, our gear, and various shenanigans. If you have a such a kitchen, or a really cool space, and you want to host our next music video, send us a note at duke.uke@gmail.com!

Paducah, you are bold and continue to inspire

From the desk of Anna (sax & vox): Paducah, KY caught the attention of artists, arts administrators and planners across the U.S. several years ago when the city invested in the arts in a way no other city was. As a municipal arts coordinator at the time, I, too, was intrigued by Paducah and it's daring Artist Relocation Program. Artists from around the country were lured to the city with subsidies for huge, historic, gorgeous houses in need of much love, and in an area thick with other artist live/work/gallery spaces.

Last weekend we performed at the Paducah Lower Town Arts and Music Festival, and the success of the relocation program was palpable. It is not by accident that the arts community is thriving in Paducah.

We were honored to be part of the celebration this weekend--an event celebrating the musical roots of the region and encouraging new forms and explorations.

Good work, Paducah! We hope to see you again.

May Mini-Tour to Tennessee + Kentucky

Can't wait! 5/15 – Knoxville, TN @ WDVX Blue Plate Special Live —Noon 5/15 – Knoxville, TN @ Preservation Pub 2nd Floor Speakeasy—7:30pm 5/16 – Louisville, KY @ Rudyard Kipling with Aby Laby Land and TJElmore—8:00pm 5/17 – Paducah, KY @ Lowertown Arts and Music Festival—8:00pm 5/18 – Christiana, TN @ Hippie Hill 5/19 – Nashville, TN @ FooBar

Saturday @ Mike n Molly's

Looking forward to playing with Sonny Stubble and Costas today. 8pm 4/27/13

Also, just added a show at one of our favorite venues--LangLab in South Bend, IN. Save the date, folks. We're going to rock it with Ann Arbor-based Orpheum Bell. Yip.

Gig Season returns

So excited to get back to it.

Now is a time for composing

The composing never stops. We're taking this month off of gigs and diving in. The composing is always collaborative but this month, we're trying even more role changes. As always, we're booking now for later. Thinking about late spring and summer, warmer weather, and lighter days.

We're ready!

We're ready to release our new promo photo by Peter Wochniak in St. Louis. We're ready to open for The Soul Rebels Brass Band on Wednesday! We're ready for the next year. BRING IT ON, world.

Winter Tour Time

Time for trip prep! At this time next week we will be soaking up New Orleans steet vibes, trying out our accoustic chops with Sarah on upright bass and Dave on accoustic uke, no mics, no amps. Then we go to the clubs. Excited to return to a good batch, Maxine's, Quenchers, Bells, MOTR Pub and looking forward to a few new ones--Rogue on Dickson, Plush, House Cafe! And of course, New Year's Eve at the Esquire in Champaign will be our marathon event with 6 hours of playing original music to a full house of dancing people. Good things, loves. Good things! 12/22 – Hot Springs, AR @ Maxine’s 12/23 – Fayetteville, AR @ Rogue on Dickson 12/27 – St. Louis, MO @ Plush 12/28 – Chicago, IL @ Quenchers 12/31 –Champaign, IL @ The Esquire 01/02 – Dekalb, IL @ House Café 01/03 – Kalamazoo, MI @ Bell’s Eccentric Café 01/04 – Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR Pub

Chicago Chicago

Exploring new venues in Chicago is fun. Last weekend, the Gallery Cabaret delighted us with walls filled with the best kind of cooky art, and a GIANT taranchula posed behind us on top of the stage. It made playing the "Spider Suite" especially meaningful. Tomorrow, we'll play at Uncommon Ground on Devon. Let's see that roof top garden! Maybe the audience will get the green thumb itch? We have just the thing to help: April's Empire Garden Seed mix. Yep, it's a garden seed mix we created featuring the flowers of our title track April's Empire. Why? Well, we're nerdy and flowers are beautiful!