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All That matters

After climbing many emotional and spiritual mountains, and after being in so many emotional and spiritual valleys, I have learned once again that serving God in sincerity is all that matters. This contains so many different facets. One of these facets is being a proper Family man. Being a proper family man can happen well by putting God first in all your endeavors. When this happens you will be able to love your wife properly. To speak to her kindly all the time; To love her like Christ loved the church. To be responsible, not only in finances , but in matters around the home where your wife needs help without asking. Loving your wife correctly makes a world of difference in the peace of your home. Correcting children in love is another facet. To be honest with your children and protect them from their own selves. Children often live in the moment and truly need guidance. This guidance needs to be God based and consistent. When this occurs on a regular basis your children will turn out golden, It may take time but it will happen. God bless and remember to smile : )