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Something to consider...

As a musician it is easy to get frustrated. Feeling that what we do is irrelevent...particularly in an age when classical and acoustic music in general is often marginalized and even panned. When feeling like this Bach becomes my inspiration. Bach's Brandenburg Concertos were written as a resume for Christian Ludwig, the Margrave of Brandenburg. It was all but ignored. In one of the many ironies of music history, they are now some of his most popular work.

Stefani Stevens
Stefani Stevens  (over 6 years ago)

It can be frustrating when you are so in the music and others are not. It is because of the brainwashing and frequency control over the TV and watering down of what real art is...I had to read and respond. I love your sensitive music and would love to have you on some music I write! The best to all true artists, our day will come.