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What's Up World

What's good Nation, just giving an update on SOULchem's life. Got it's ups and downs, as you can tell from my music ... however, it could always be worse. Anyone in a slump remember that, it could ALWAYS be worse. Met someone amazing recently who gives me plenty of inspiration, so I have hope in my future. Just wish the economy would pick the fuck up so I can get a better job and start supporting myself, ya know !!!!! Stay positive and focused, good things will come. That's what I have to tell myself everyfuckingday !!

Been A Minute

What's good Nation, haven't done an update in a minute. Just wanted to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for propelling me to the top 20 on the local charts, and steadily climbing up the national ranks .... it means alot to me that so many people have taken the time to listen to what I have to say ... I promise I will not let you down and will keep coming out with FIRE!!!!!! Stay tuned!

Swagnatic Productions

I recently got added to the Swagnatic Productions artist roster!!! Make sure to check out my shit, and hopefully I'll be gettin' some sick promotions from them that'll give me some more fan exposure!!! So blessed to have this opportunity, best believe I'm runnin' with it!!!

Startin' the new year right!

What's good guys, just wanted to thank everyone again, thanks to my support I'm climbin' rather nicely up the hip hop charts and it's all 'cause of the people that take the time to listen to my music!!! I got 2 new joints comin' soon, one is kind of a promotional joint to get people to listen to me over the "Black and Yellow" beat, quick little joint I threw together, and an all new original single "Don't Burn Yourself" produced by my man Mister K A. Definitely will not disappoint anyone, so be on the look out for those I'll be postin' 'em soon enough! Also got a new album in the works with about 15 original beats and I'm tentatively callin' the album "Chicken Soup For The SOUL"!!! Lemme know what'cha think!

Lovin' the support!!!!

Just wanted to give a shout out to everyone that has listened to me already and those that will be listening in the near future. I feel like 2011 is gonna be my year. Just a head's up I'm recording a promotional song for myself over "Black and Yellow" this weekend, it's gonna be fucking hot so people need to check it out definitely, and I would appreciate it if everyone spread the word!!!

New to ReverbNation

What's up guys. I'm new to ReverbNation, I'm just trying to get my music out there and have it be heard by everyone. I have mixtapes on DatPiff.com so check them out, just go to DatPiff and search SOULchemistry. I'm also on SoundClick, basically with the same songs that are on this site plus a few more, so go to SoundClick.com/danberlingo and check them out. If you're looking at this, I appreciate you all for taking the time to look, and please recommend me to all people you know!!!!! I'm tryin' to do big things in 2011 and I need all your help!

Peace, SOULchem