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Moving along...

These last few weeks have been truly great. Our new drummer Ash has picked up everything we threw at him in a heartbeat and made it his own.

We had our frst rehearsal since CerberFest yesterday and the sound was epic. We already have a new track in the works. Right now we are just going through the recordings from last night and may just put up a little snipped of the new tracl later. Watch this space.

We had a few questions from you regarding the next show. Well, we want to give you a bunch of heavy shows, and we will, but we have to split our time between finishing the album and going on the road. Stay tuned and we will update you on the next gig in the coming weeks.

Have a heavy Saturday! \m/

CerberFest & The new line-up

We are curing our hangovers after 2 days of mayhem. The show was fantastic. Thanks for all your kind words & feedback. Good to see so many old friends and new faces out there. We would also like to thank you all for the kind welcome you have shown to our new drummer Ashley. Yeah, we got two of them now, Ashley's that is, and it's bound to get confusing on many levels.

We started with auditions a couple of weeks ago and Ashley simply blew us away. George is now the permanent front man.

We will take a few more weeks to get all tracks 100% down with the new line-up but we will be on the road again soon. The way the man has been picking up the tracks and making them his own this won't take long though.

See you out there!

Going into overdrive

CerberFest is only a few weeks away and we have been wasting no time writing a few new tracks we hope you gonna dig. We took a little timeout to celebrate our guitarists Kai's 30th birthday down town. Grea times & great people...absolutely heavy weekend with brutal hangovers.\m/ \m/

Shifting gears

We have had our respective holidays and are back in the studio working hard into the nights. We are halfway through the album and about to take a little time on the side to use a bunch of the new riffs we have been messing with over the last few months and write a couple new tunes.

Remember, we will be playing at Cerberfest in Luton, UK soon where we will also introduce our new logo. We are looking forward to a kick ass weekend and lots and lots of rock & metal. \m/ \m/

Whats with the crackle...?

We have been hard at work to get a few tracks recorded properly. The studios mixing desk has been a major pain in the ass with failing channels and so forth so it's all been going a little slow. The initial release date for the first album is being pushed back a little but we are on our way to deliver in due time. Let's say May/June for now....So stay tuned \m/ \m/

What a night....

The intention was to record a clean version of "Run for cover" but instead we had some local parents going crazy in the street outside the studio due to some nutjob pushing/hitting their child outside their home and resulting in the police coming down for a visit as a result (involving our guitarist chatting up a lady officer in the process) resulting in cutting our recording session short. Well we shall be heading back to the studio on Wednesday to finish up the track and the rest of the Whiskey. What a night.........

Something to keep you going...

So...we have been promising you something new for a while. While we are spending time right now recording a few brand new tracks for you we wrote over the past few months, we have uploaded a little rocky jam from our last rehearsal session. (Ride the Bullet 12Feb Jam)

Blog rebirth

We have been busy writing tracks and tightening bolts over the last few months. While we are re-recording our tracks we will keep you in the loop on whats happening and dedicate some time to our blog. Keep an eye out for future blog posts. We will give you an insight into the band and what's behind the music.

Sykopath Condor Live in Luton

Right now playing monthly at George II in Luton. Sign up to our facebook page for regular updates.