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NEW ALBUM: 2017 -"The Consession Continuum"

It seems like our 6 year cycle finished it's procession, yielding another full length release from this old machine. There have been cassette releases, pressed vinyl, and even a bunch of cd's, but 2017 brings forth another 1st for Severance. Although this is NOT Severance's first "Independent" release, it IS the first DIGITAL DOWNLOAD RELEASE since the bands inception in 1989. In time a physical version of the album will come to fruition. Until that grim evening falls, enjoy the stream of the whole album and take time to purchase it and play it directly from your mobile and entertaiment devices.

NEW ALBUM: 2011 (Sevared Records)

"The Truth in Question": Texas death metal veterans, Severance, return again with yet with another relentless, unadulterated bludgeoning of pulsatory pulverization. A maniacal meshing of intricacy, power, chaos and precision, "The Truth in Question" will satiate cravers of the extreme, both new and old. Never following bland trends, this band continues to unleash its unrestrained brand of crushing death metal, the way it is meant to be. Make no mistake; this is the real Severance. Find out for yourself. www.sevared.com or www.severancemetal.com