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Mixtape Completed, More Goals for 2013 & 2014

Prepare to read alot as I reflect & tell what is to come later on in the near future* "Out of Orbit" mixtape completed & will all be digtally distributed online for free listening on my youtube channel youtube.com/bellevueproductionz soon, i will also try an e-mail blast for fans who want to keep the mixtape throught mp3 format. In 2013 for the rest of the year starting with spring through fall, I hope to collaborate with more artists & help some artists develop their sound while encouraging them to push on with their pursuit in music. I also hope to build a better campaign using Twitter & Reverb Nation as the top social sites & Facebook being the third top since engagement with that website has proven to be quite slow & slight in change as far as my buzz is concerned. However, I must confess with college work & the push of my own endeavors including a search for a steady job I haven't exactly put much time into promotion as I could & will definitely improve upon that as the year unfolds more. With that in mind certain collaborations that I hope to take place this year will need to be through strategic but organic communication & not just on the basis of solely promoting a single, in otherwords the collaborations must be 100% genuine. In 2014, most likely in the spring or fall my new album will be near to complete or half way complete depending on the progression in 2013. 1 of my hopes is that me & Kosen can start creating music again because he has had health & living condition issues lately & am an active supporter through his struggles. However, knowing Kosen I am certain & guarantee that once key problems become resolved in his life, we will both take the world by storm again. Ever since Rell died back in 2008, I've from time to time had my doubts on being a strong & present force in my generation's music not just locally, but globally but let me explain. When Rell became involved in my work we both along with Kosen motivated each other to always push for better quality sounding music. In otherwords, bullshit never had a chance to surface & we always kept each others' power in check & balanced it. Not to say that me & Kosen have this issue as dominant, but just that it was easier to divide power when it was 3. Still I am taking the proper responsibility slowly but surely to make sure that when I finally get people completely motivated again we will all kick ass at what we do. To end this I will say I appreciate every fan from Reverb Nation with the upmost respect. Not just because I've found a place for my music to be appreciated again like I did with MySpace, but also because there's alot of untapped talent on Reverb Nation that inspires my work from time to time. Let's face it the days of the Radio are dying. The internet is where music has the most power & is not always manufactured bullshit like what you get with most commercially pushed music now. Major record labels are only now holding on to who they can & letting go who doesn't serve their agenda still it depends on where you are. New York city artists in my humble opinion need to unite & stop this every man for himself mentality, that's what's killing the music even I admit to doing this from time to time. NYC has to do better not just as artists, but as people who will hopefully guide the next generation in music through truly learned & tried journeys. I never been a role model nor has any artist affiliated with me but I still hold on to the belief that I aspire people to change themselves for the better & to go for their dreams even when the time feels wasted. I haven't given up on the dream & neither should you. It's ya boy $H.E.L.L.O.N a.k.a Da $hellz, peace.

Wild Vs. Deep

Once again shout out to the entire Reverb Nation fam...I still got a lot of new music to hear from most of you it's just at the moment I'm wrapping up a new mixtape & I've been back in school so that will take up time as well. I just wanted to give my thoughts on something quick. I notice y'all really like when I'm going HAM not so much when I want to go deep..it doesn't truly hinder my artistry to know that but I know it's not everybody who's like that it's really just a few at best but it's just funny. I give "Trillionaire Fantasies" the deep people get it..give 'em a record like Toe Tag Even Remix" which is deep but got a hard edge to it everybody going wild over it lool. Either way it's all good. It's ya boy $hellz..until I update you next time..peace.

HugMachine  (over 5 years ago)

Just create what's in your heart and all things will work out.

$H.E.L.L.O.N  (about 5 years ago)

I agree sorry for just replying to this. Still I definitely understand that perspective. It's just sometimes as an artist, you're conflicted with what's acceptable in public & what you know to be true for you meaning how you evolve & grow but you're right. Thanks for the advice.

To the Reverb Nation Fam

I appreciate all the fans past & present. Keep that good music going in 2013. I got alot of catching up to do with all this new music I'm planning to hear from people I didn't get to yet for the entire week until the weekend. It's been hard to keep up with it but I'll try. Peace

New Mixtape/New Album projects

It's been a rough patch trying to get music done with Kosen so at the moment at least I'm running things solo. I've been working on music & must say I truly appreciate every brand new fan I've acquired but I must confess. Between college, my new youtube viral ventures & creating new music it's been crazy trying to keep up with every new fan I get here on Reverb Nation. Still I'll make sure to get to listen to who ever's music I neglected over time but I definitely appreciate all y'all support. The new mixtape will be entitled "Out of Orbit" for either December 2012 or January 2013 (TBA*) The new album is something I've worked on in deep, deep secret since putting out "Inelasticity VS. Elasticity" on sale for cheap now @ my reverbnation store. That album should come out during 2014. That's it for now until my next update it's ya boy da $hellz, peace.

Word Of Advice

I'm a genuine fan of everyone who likes my music & I always give respect where it's due. The way I see it if one doesn't like my music he or she doesn't have to become a fan just to spite a nigga that's stupid. Treat me with respect and you get respect back feel me? you get what you put out to people so if the vibe is negative b.s what you think you gonna get back? but for all those who are on my fan list on this site I appreciate all of you & keep all your good music going..peace.

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