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it lives!

well i have been asked since our last performance about 5 months ago if and when we were coming back at do what we do. it wasnt due to a lack of desire or lack of music or shows. we all have families and or jobs that must be cared for. it was always my plan to keep rex going on some level or the other. i do plan on there being a new cd, including some live stuff from Memphis tn. so dont despair kids!!!

2013 bring it!

looking forward to the new years shows, as well as looking backing fondly on these this year as well. the you are the enemy cd is ready to drop any day.. happy happy joy joy!

Street Team being formed

Check on facebook for the Rex84 Street team page to help promote the band and to find the latest information. Tour is in the works so its important the street team help get the eyes out there!

State of affairs

Well were up to nine songs on here now! very hardcore too. Everyone is contributing to the band , and it is a very free and open unit. I have every hope that we can get into the club scene relatively quickly.I've been networking like a madman. so i foresee good things coming..We have a date for a jam march 12 2011..hopefully it will bring some much needed attention to music here in Princeton.