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John Siket mixes

John Siket mixed "Hunter's Roost". That CD has "Black Diamond" on it. That song as well as the rest of the CD is doing exceptionally well. John laid magic on my music. The man's a master, for this I thank him.

John Siket "Ghost of John" Remix.

October 27th 2006, "Ghost of John Remix" goes ..1 on the Country and Rockabilly charts at soundclick.com

This is a remix by an old friend of mine John Siket. He has worked with the best. Dave Mathews, Soul Asylum, Sonic Youth, Peter Murphy, Butch Vig,Yo la Tango and the list goes on and on. It was a real pleasure to have him in the studio. There was heck of a lot outstanding mixing and yucking and a yacking that night about the good old days.

Thank you very much John.