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Credits and History for Receiver/Transmitter

The Credits & History for my new LP Receiver/Transmitter are now available for viewing on my fb musician page. As always, thanks for the support!



Receiver/Transmitter is now available for purchase on Bandcamp!


***Peoples, Peoples, Peoples*** Only $8.00 for the complete version of these 18 mp3 tracks off Receiver/Transmitter via Reverbnation's music store. Please, enjoy listening while helping us generate the funds necessary to complete the "double vinyl" post production of T. David's spectacular sophomore studio effort! Thanks!!

Home Demo EP's

In the next few weeks we will be posting on "SoundCloud" both the Home Demo Series of; "The 12 Moment" and, "Jack, No Trees Touch The Sky" in their entirety(s). These EP's had previously only been made available to musical friends and family. They, in their raw and unabashed state, truthfully represent the origin(s) of our currant destinies! Please take the time to check them out and get turned on to what "it" is, we've been passionately pursuing! As always, thanks for listening! T-Bone

New video

Message to all my fans...check out the latest video post, The Cause! Enjoy, share and as always, thanks for listening.

Lyrical content

Hi all, for express lyrical content, please take some time and watch the videos that have been posted! More to come...


Thank you to all my friends who have forwarded this link to others. We are currently updating two youtube videos to the T David Gohlke catalog, 1."The Visitor" and the EP's title track 2."Black Pearls In Zombieland". We are excited as the 2nd video has just been completed. We will be posting them here and on Facebook in the next day or so! As always, thanks for listening!

Post production of "Black Pearls in Zombieland"

Fulfillment! The post production for "Black Pearls in Zombieland" is complete. We would love for you to have a copy. For the 1st 500 recipients, a minimum donation of $2.00 or more in regards to shipping and handling costs would be greatly appreciated. For your free copy of the cd please email your information to trickkneedaddyo@yahoo.com. Also, become a fan of T. David Gohlke on Facebook today.