Atten: Bands...Let's build a music scene!

Any metal bands out there that want to put together independant shows (rent halls, banquet rooms, band room fests, mom's backyard metalfest, etc...) contact us. We have years of experience promoting shows in the New England Area and know professional sound/lighting companies to rent for cheap. We also have access to audio/video recording and editing services through Deathbed Records/Studio 33 to help promote future shows and such The idea is to promote our bands and build our followings. It's not a new idea but one that's been proven to work. Get a few bands together, find a room to play, promote the hell out of it, rock out, sell your cd's, and hopefully cover the overhead. The "overhead"(room fees, sound and lights, promotion costs) would be split between bands equally. As would any profits. Audio/video recording and editing service cost through Deathbed Records/Studio 33 would be at thier discretion, but their pretty goddamn nice people. "Lend a hand and let's progess and rid our lives of hopelessness or wallow in chaotic mess of your own making!" From the Sarcophagy song "Mutiny" Any questions reply to this blog or email davemercier75@yahoo.com

Wanna book Sarcophagy...of course you do!

Booking for Sarcophagy email: davemercier75@yahoo.com (subject: Sarcophagy booking) or call 860 970 5124 Dave Mercier