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Hi friends,

Thanks for all the inquiries!

My main "money making" guitars are: 74 fender Strat with Floyd Rose and John Suhr Pickups 83 blue Les Paul Custom 90's American off white tele stock with Hipshot B Bender 90's blue American Standard strat all stock. Martin D-35 acoustic

I use a Mesa Boogie triaxis preamp and Mesa Boogie 290 power amp powering either 1 or 2 1x12 cabinets. I change preamp sounds with a digitech ground control switcher.

My pedal board has a Crybaby wah wah, Lovepedal Pickle Vibe, an MXR dynacomp, Ibanez tube screamer, Lovepedal Redhead (high gain distortion), Boss fv1 volume pedal, Boss super chorus, Boss Analog Delay,and Boss digital delay pedal.

I will patch in special pedals as needed on sessions such as phasing, tremolo, big muff etc. at appropriate place in the pedal chain.

Patching: guitarpicklevibewahdynacomptube screamerredheadtriaxis input. Fx send of triaxisvolume pedalchorusanalog delaydigital delayintellifex inputfx return of triaxis. output(s) of triaxis290 input(s). This is so that amp distortion and all gain effects levels don't change when I use the volume pedal. All delay and modulation fx are post volume pedal except pickle vibe. I just like the way it sounds first in the chain. When I am on the road or doing smaller gigs, my pedal board straight into the front end of an amp works great as well.

My rack has a furman power conditioner, mesa boogie triaxis and 290 power amp and a Rocktron Intellifex.

I make changes to the rig on occasion so check back for updates.

Peace, TD