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Halloween & THe Hurricane

What a great show... is all we can say.. Exist pulled out some crazy doom metal to start of the night.. followed by STF.. then Mortal Combats own Breakage Risng.. To the Pain ripped it up leaving the remainder of the stage for Stainless Leather to obliterate in their final 2012 outing.. Thx to all who got in the Halloween spirit although i was dissapointed in the amount of skimpy outfits and amount of boobage!.. All this merriment was follwed up by a C*&T of a storm that ripped through the NorthEast.. We all know people who have been destroyed by this bitch and we are turning our free Dec show into a bit of a fundraiser to help the needy.. All proceeds will be tallied and a check written to the american red cross. Hope to see you there

Busy Week

From Jd's Place to Even Flow! Friday to Friday.. Great gigs at great places... We ran our own sound at JD's and played with Exist Among's Marc Morella, As well as Cliff Catroipa (Lower than a Bastard) & Need to Feed... Then we opened up for To The Pain.. great Metal band @ Even Flow in Bayshore.. The sound was brilliant..can't wait to do another show.. Next up is The promotion of Dead Sevens Reunion show and the Halloween Bash at TC Kross's Village pub!!! Keep LI Rockin!


What a great night..Our first "self promoted" gig was a huge success.. Chris Seidl is one of the best friend/musician/sound man/video tech anybody/band/promotion company could ever want! You want good sound this man is your man! Pudding Time were brilliant! Their vision of Primus is 2nd only to Primus! Stainless Leather who really should have headlined didnt leave much of the roof for STF to finish off! They had a hard driven 80's 90's metal set that had the entire Purple Frog banging their heads. STF finished off the night with their own brand of Rock n Roll.. Special thanks to all who came & supported all the bands.. Were doing it again on July 7th at JD's place.. This time our own Jay Catropoa will be running the board so come on down... Recharge your Rock n Roll.. Support Local Music!

Summers Here!!!

Pre Purple Frog show.. its 1am just thinking about the shows weve got coming up.. The Frog tomorrow, Jd's in July.. The Even Flow in August and TC's Halloween Bash.. all this and a dose of knee surgery somewhere in there... We are proud to announce that we are trying to self promote, book and even run sound for all of our shows.. We have a great friend in Chris Seidl who's gonna do most of our sound on the extreme cheap with all of his brand new gear. So if you ever hear of Recharged one day... Thats us! Were hoping to keep rock rolling on Long Island.. We dont charge fees take cuts if we run the sound (If Chris does it its $50 off the top.. Most sound guys are $150 to $250) & we play every show usually bringing a few people with us ..Youve heard of For the People By the People.. We want to be For Musicians by Musicians.. If youre looking to make a living off of us this is the wrong tree to bark up. We will split doors evenly no matter what the draw is We are all playing to entertain a crowd no matter who brought em.. If your too good for that then you may as well pay the middle man his fee for doing nothing and play somewhere else. Some bars take cuts some dont, some pay $$ per show some pay per head.. We need a place to play, they need to make money..If a couple of bucks can be made at the same time as getting your music out there then why the hell not!!!! Im 40 years old and still pretty new to this. call me naive but with a bit of passion, a bit of integrity & a lot of noise we can start up this shitty little bus called Long Island and get her moving again...All this sound too good to be true, Come & play with us on one of our recharged shows!...Thanks for reading, Stay passionate &. Rock On..

Dave STF.. Recharged & Ready!

Another Great Night...

Set to Fail enjoyed a great show at the Village pub with McFly.. TC Kross was again our gracious hostess with Mike O providing the beers and the laughs.. McFly do some great rock covers.. props to Paul for filling in for their usual frontman Steve who was recovering from surgery.. Look forward to doing it again in the near future :). Our next show is already booked with our good friends Matt & Adam who along with STF Bassist Mike Bayer on lead guitar make up Pudding Time, the worlds FINEST PRIMUS Tribute.. and the slaves the metal, the ayatollahs of Rock n Rollas Stainless Leather.. Featuring the hottest chick drummer this side of the Mississippi. SEE YA SOOOON.

A few shows later &

So weve played a few shows over at TC Kross's Village Pub in Lindenhurst, Great Gal, Great Bar, Great Pipes too.. A rock star in her own right.. Anyway!!! Alex's Birthday Bash was awesome!! We were joined on stage by the gorgeous ones Cheryl and Bobbi and blasted out a fucking roaring rendition of LOA's Underground (Mike and I actually just chilled).. What next.. Booked 2 shows one @ Purple Frog in Lynbrook and the other back at the Pub .. Just finished recording 4 tracks at our own little STF studio in Bellmore NY one of them our version of An old Moody Blues classic Nights in white satin all soon to be available for streaming and downloading right here on reverbnation.. Been busy boys! C U all out there! Thx for listening!

Halloween at Trashed MC...

STF shared the stage this Halloween with Breakage Rising & Trashed Nation.. The costumes were great, The music was fantastic & the booze was cheap!.. Next up... Village Pub in Lindy, See U There!

Red and Black Attack!!!

Wow.. Great 1st show for Red and Black Promotions.. We had another good crowd show up and we thank the faithfull for sticking with us.Breakage were great, Balter are a fun poppy punk band local to Lindenhurst to look out for. Marc Morella started off the night with a cool acousical set.. Things are looking up for Set to Fail, Good shows, good crowds, good music & good beer! Our next show is on Oct 29th... come see us for Halloween show tickets.

New Shows

Recently Set to Fail has partnered up with new promotion company Red and Black Promotions. We have signed on to do 3 gigs so far.. Village Pub in Lindenhurst on Sept 30 and Nov 4th. Inbetween these 2 gigs on Oct 29th is the huge Halloween Bash at Trashed MC in Deer Park.. Status updates and more blog entries to follow, look for some facebook updates too.

Ollies Point

Due to a death in the family Born of Scars had to pull out of last nights show, Singer Rene still showed to the gig and supported the remaining bands which showed more than a touch of class on her part, Our condolences go out to them.... Public opinion says we did a real good job... Our finale was our rendition of the moody blues nights in white satin which went over really well, We had our biggest crowd to date & we want to personally thank the over 50 people that came to see us. Unfortunately a few ticket holders missed the show so we hope to see them next time.. Breakage Rising were awesome, Hunter & the boys did a fantasic set.. Stripped was unreal and Full Blown Karate punch brought back a little hardcore to Ollies! Headliners SOMA started off real strong and just kept it going... Great night.. Keep your eyes peeled for our next gig, hope fully some time in late September.