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Pointed East e.p. is available @ these stores...

our new e.p. "Pointed East" is now available at all Cheapo locations, all Down in the Valley locations, Electric Fetus (st.cloud & Minneapolis), Discontent (St.Cloud) & also available at Urban Lights Records (Minneapolis)! get your copy today!!

the next album, a little different

for a little over a year C.M.C (Paisty & Corpse) have been workin (off & on) on the album 'Multitasker'.. and instead of our regular recipe (sequencers, drum machines, & samples) we decided to add all the other styles of music we like into our flows, and we used all real instruments...with Paisty on guitars, drums, triton le, and even cuts (scratches)... and Corpse on bass & the triton le..... both of them on vocals!! also includes guest apperances by Melynda Le Blanc, Rukiss, Duff Patrick, Shoebox & more!! Also artwork by Stephanie Kenyon shall keep your eyes glued to the album case while you listen. We are in some of the final stages of writing and recording so the album 'Multitasker' should be out early spring 2012