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Thanks Giving, Canadian Style!

Hi Folks, last month I came back from Burning Man! IT was amazing. And next month I will be published!! I am not only a singer-songwriter but I am a writer as well, and Life Coach for creative professionals who want to live Beautiful Bold life full of Color! such as you !! Since this is my passion, my mission and motivation is that personal transformation is more than just drop in the ocean to heal the world. It's hope in ACTION! so... I am excited to share with you my new co-creation! I wrote a chapter of a collaborative book project called Transform Your Life! that will feature experts offering tools to inspire transformation in readers' lives! At the same time, the book will feature authors that have overcome tremendous obstacle and through them found meaning and purpose to not only transform their lives but the lives of other. During the pre-launch I am able to give a onetime offer for a highly discount rate (37% off) to my friends and family. Below is the link and the coupon code that allows you to pre-order the book only ten dollars. Plus, your discount code will work for ANY books sold by Transformation Publishing! However, I am only able to offer this discount to you until Oct 15th. Therefore, I would ask you to take action. Coupon Code: carrie37 http://transformation-publishing.com/book/transform-your-life-2/

Giving a talk to Artists and a Radio Interview

Hi Folks!! Hope your summer has been grand! It's almost fall here in Montreal. I just came back from Bali a little over a week ago! I was at the Awesomeness Fest sponsored by MindValley, and their mission for Awesomeness Fest: .. brings together over 300 thought leaders in personal growth and entrepreneurship in a paradise location for four days. Yup, Bali is far and so amazing!! And so were the people of Mindvalley and everyone there I met! wow. I was blown away and so inspired. I have finished mixing my CD, I just need to get to the final steps, as many of you know! So I am holding on and gearing up! However, this week I am giving a talk to an artists association in Hudson, Quebec! and then I will be interviewed on CJAD, the #1 talk show radio station in Montreal, here is the link for thursday, the 19th of Sept. http://www.cjad.com/ShowsTommySchnurmarcher/Podcast.aspx Thanks for dropping by!!!

Mixing my new CD!!!

Just spent hours re-listening and making notes on 9 of my 14 songs being mixed in Seattle by Jay Pinto with Geof Holbrook as the Producer/Arranger, boy am I blessed! So excited!! I will be in Seattle in 2 weeks!! first stop is Alaska, then on to Bali, woo hoo!!

New Video Montage up on You Tube

I have worked this weekend on a new video montage for the song Don't You Wish You Were Einstein. If any one has a better idea for the song contact me! I am open to suggestions. As I get closer to realizing my new cd release, I am getting excited and so trying to build up some momentum! Getting some wonderful offers to help the process along and I will keep you posted with news and updates! Have a wonderful week!!!

New Video up loaded to Youtube: TILL YOU'RE THE FOOL

Happy Holidays to one and all! I took the time to create a new video photo montage today as my daughter went on a trip for 2 weeks this morning and all is quiet. The song is TILL YOU'RE THE FOOL, and I am gently making fun of how I used to pretzel myself in relationships with a touch of willful blindness to add to the mixture, so it's my ode to being and feeling foolish, cause we've all been there!!

Happy Holidays

I am with Indie Pool, a distribution company that specializes in Indie musicians in Canada for over a year now. Apparently over 1,000 digital plays and $10 later lol, I am all over the internet for streaming. Itunes and Amazon, and little obscure places too. So now, I am now on Bandcamp, which is apparently the 'new' thing. I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year!!! And if you you want to, It means you can buy the whole CD or just a song for the holidays. I am also setting it up so that you can get a hard copy sent right to you, so stay tuned! so to speak :~))


Fountain of Blues by Don Carlos Laquiz (Uncle Daisy)

There are many people who have inspired me over the years, but one person in particular who really believed in me, Carlos R, Laquiz. He has made Montreal his home, and has left Mexico, to come back to his roots in his music. He wrote this song, asked me to sing it and put in on his Album Omen, then re-released the song again on another Album called Media Luna. It is a beautiful song! here is the link to his current project Uncle Daisy. please check it out! http://www.uncledaisy.com/Uncle_Daisy/Welcome.html

An update and which I am so grateful for his friendship and support, is that Carlos generously leant out his beautiful Old Montreal loft for the recording of a string Quartet this summer, which is part of the arrangements on some songs for my upcoming CD Album. Thank you Carlos!!!!

Where You Dream

I have been 'doing' music for a while now, and have been part of some very interesting projects. I just posted a link and the title song from the CD Album Where You Dream, I wrote the Lyrics, and Dragosh Elie wrote the music on this song. The project was originally called Bent Stillness, and we were a duo, but then, as things go, Dragosh signed with a record label, he added another vocalist and they decided to change the project to his name; he is an amazing arranger, producer and composer who played almost all the instruments, except on my songs, where I played guitar :~) ( 'cause I can ) I am very proud of this project and thought of sharing this with the world! We were signed to Tox Records in Montreal, then DEP Distribution picked it up and the Universal Music was with us for a while.

Find me on CBC Radio 3

Finally, after so much procrastination, I filled out my CBC Radio 3 Artist Profile and downloaded my whole CD so that anyone can listen!

yay! here is the link: http://music.cbc.ca/#/artists/Carrie-Katz-Band

Thanks for dropping by :~)