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September 23rd, 2013.....

I started my journey with reverbnation and i will remain faithful to reverbnation.

I started as a professional athlete that the only thing i knew was to entertain I used my basketball skills to get me to a plateau i could only dream of. A canadian kid known ALL OVER the world for his ball handling skills, a NCAA full scholarship to a school in Memphis, TN, Starting pointguard representing Toronto at the ACC... just levels i never dreamed of..

Then i started releasing my music, i never told anyone i made, because i felt like i needed to expand my comfort zone and business avenues.

within 2 months of releasing my first song i was asked to do my first show. Since that show i have done over 150 live shows, a 45 city tour with madchild of the swollen members, released 3 mixtapes, recorded over 100 songs, and have built a fanbase of loyal listeners. I am currently pondering the release of a new EP halloween night and will be releasing an official LP "have Nots" which is more than music to me. it is a diary of my journey and the emotions of a winner.

#gtfotw #LOD #LetMeHoldThatBeatMister #HaveNots

Beginning of.... i dont even know

Well, I have been making songs since 2003 and never really made anything public. I was always unusually unconfident but i have no decided fuck it. You only live once. Hope you all like the sincerity and wordplay. Ghost