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Update on our long over due ep!

Tracking has commenced and we are so stoked! It's almost done! We've also gained a new bassist with addition of Steav Derby. And with the help of our studio session drummer Jarrod Ives, we have resumed booking and playing live! It's good to be back! -Sydney

Full band again.

Well, we are very close to having a full live band again! and man I'm excited!! hope everything works out. also, been writing tons new stuff.. so stoked -Robert H.

Whats up Reverbnation!

Things are rolling right along with the Gate. couldn't be more excited with this new EP!! can't say when it'll be ready for release, though hopfully later this year! We look to have four awesome new tracks for you guys! Don't take this litely.. each song is it's own animal. With Malice & Deceit (the title track) clocking in at just over 8 minutes, you should have plenty to chew on while we finish up writing for a full length. :) Super stoked to get some shows goin once the EP comes out, we'll have a new logo and merch to go with it too! It's been a long time coming, but the time is here for us to get back into action with this amazing band! Thanks for your support! -Robert The Weeping Gate


Well with the re-shaping process of the band, we have started fresh with some killer new material! however I also started working 2nd shift at my job, so tracking this stuff for a new ep proves to be very difficult, none the less we will get it done. so far we got one in the bank, (the shaoh) and are near finished with the title track of the ep malice, which is a beast to record.. hopefully we'll have it done soon, then start work on a 3rd song. I love recording though, wish it was my full time job! very excited for whats to come! -Robert

Recording Process so far...

After the recording of "The Swineman", we've realized that it's probably the most difficult to track so far. The keyboard arrangements and layers of vocals made for some very long nights of tracking. Luckily, none of the other tracks should be as complex to track, but still require the same importance as far as the detail. We're looking to begin recording our next song "March of the Elephants" this Wednesday. We're having a blast recording these tracks for you guys and appreciate your support! Thanks, Guys!

(Jamie Garza) -The Weeping Gate-