... ahem..


New Album FINALLY done.

The new record THE UNRELENTING HANGOVER is not only finally fuckin' finished, but it reared it's ugly fucking head into the itunes store today. It was barely invited, and will most likely get booted out before the week is done. Get it while you can....


It drifts out of bounds like a Hail Mary from Hell. But you know you want it.

New Shit

Hey Fukkers, Just some housekeeping boolshiite to keep you up to date.

New Twat account.... what?? Twitter? Follow @scottycork https://twitter.com/#!/ScottyCork

New Facecrack Page... http://www.facebook.com/pages/Backfat/168836106502224?ref=mf The next 100 "Like"s will get one year of free panty removal. Willing to relocate. Think about it.

New album is getting fixed in the mix as we speak. Expect a June release. Cheers to all the new friends who have joined the train wreck, and a massive FUCKYEAH to all the old friends who make everything possible and worthwhile. CHEERS.