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So if you don't know, we are The Note, a folk rock/acoustic/indie band from shepperton middlesex UK, we are school boys, with a lot of intention in getting big, Writing this now is Torin Dundas, vocalist and guitarist of the band, i'm not bothered about the money or the fame, i just want to get my message out, maybe help some people with life, or just give people a couple songs to listen to, i just don't care how this road goes, if i like it, then i'm fine with it.

i've been songwriting since i was a little kid, i first picked up a guitar when i was around 7, from then i was hooked to it, every day after school i'd get home, and play the only song i knew, which was smoke on the water by deep purple, it was probably the easiest song to learn and my dad taught me how to play it, it wasn't the fact that the song was the same, but just the feel of playing the guitar was what was fun for me, just holding it, putting your fingers on the frets and playing... It got me hooked, when my parents wanted me to get guitar lessons, i was intrigued, but i don't think my school were too fond, they would always advertise guitar lessons with the school music teacher, but every year it would be the same "i'm to young to learn guitar" which was stupid, nobody can be too young to learn guitar. By then i was still learning from my dad or...Just not playing guitar, it put my hopes down with guitar, but by year 6, when i was around 10, i finally got taught guitar, i was stoked, lessons were decent, i was learning some stuff, but... i didn't feel comfortable, i felt under pressure and like i had to learn a song to perfection otherwise i'd be killed (theoretically, not literally). So i quit lessons for a bit, then secondary school came, i learn't guitar from the first couple of weeks there, i had a really awesome guitar teacher and all but then... you got the problems with money, so i didn't bother continuing to learn guitar, but i still played the guitar every day, after school, sometimes before school and still had my passion set... Oh yeah did i say, i've wanted to start a band since first picked up a guitar, i mainly picked up a guitar because of slipknot, which i had came across when looking for resident evil things on the internet, slipknots song 'My Plague' was used in the credits of resident evil, i loved the song and just the vibe of it, and it inspired me to play guitar (this was still when i was 7/8) but as i grew older, my taste in music opened a bit more, i started listening to different types of metal, some reggae, acoustic, and my music taste changed a whole lot, i even listen to some dubstep quite a lot, but folk/acoustic style music is what i like doing, its just chilled out, i mean i can write some really insanely loud song in acoustic, or just do a calm soothing one, whatever best suits me and my mood... So yes, this is a long blog for y'all to read, have fun reading it, please tell your friends about me and spread the word, will have a lot of respect for that, peace out 3