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day #10

short stop back in Detroit be for i head to Cali....then Iowa Then Back here to put all these work together, itz hard but is fun

Day #3

Florida, cali, Then To Iowa!....on the go for the next few weeks

Day #2

Im all smiles, thingz are coming together for once! bout to release my Mix tape on Datpiff in the next few dayz wit a couple new jointz and features! bout to head to the studio to finish a few things! peace! hit me

The Lawyer

Day #1

Got a new team of Producers behind me...still missing the old vibe a bit from the last album i worked on...but itz a new begining so...jus writeing my heart out, getting ready to give yall my art thru Pen

Locken the door

Last year about this time i went thru a change....locked myself in the Studio for like two weeks got alot of stuff off my chest & wrote some of the best muziq i ever wrote...that time has come again...dont know what will come out of me but, you will soon hear, to be continued.....

Bug in my ear

Jus wanna say thankz to all who stop by & check me out, but i really wanna know what yall think about my vibe.....good OR bad, only wanna get better at maken good muziq...you feel me?? HOLLA at ya boy

The Lawyer!

The State of hip Hop

Do you think Hip Hop is Dieing??? & If So what do you think is needed to get it off life support??