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Progress in the Studio

We have laid all acoustic and electric guitar tracks, bass guitar and even some Hammond B3 Organ in three tunes! Shawn, our producer, is taking no shortcuts and is meticulously editing track by track. I have laid down lead vocals on three tunes as well. We are plugging along and can't wait to share. Please stay tuned :)

Back in the Studio

As of September 1, there is a new album in process! We are laying and editing the critical drum tracks right now. Stay tuned as I embark on this new creative journey. I am blessed and surrounded by amazing talent and routinely inspired by the laughter, hardwork, and unwavering dedication to the process of making this body of tunes a reality.

New Lyrics

Sometimes we have to dig down deep in a gold mine of dreams . . . ♪ ♫ ♫

New Lyrics

I will fall like stars, I will. I will. I will . . . I won't. I will. Again and again.

Weekly Lyrical Blurb

How many times will we dream? How many times will it be what it seems? There's meaning in every moment. Let them move you. Once and again. Like slow moving streams.

Lyric of the Day

Life should be savored after all. After all, we will see.

Never Give Up the Dream

No matter how big or small the vision, as long as you see yourself in it, keep putting one foot in front of the other, and let your faith, love and hope guide you to that reality. You are the person you dream of being. Keep believing . . . I AM.