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Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed!?. (roballen2)

Humpty Dumpty was pushed. He was an egghead, and he knew too much. The kings men

weren’t tying that hard to put him back together. The kings hoses tried much harder.(Why would the Kings men even let the horses with their clumsy hoofs attempt to re-assemble an egg?)

Mary the little girl with the lamb, the one that’s so famous. She was a rebel in her time. She knew the lamb was following her. It followed her most of the time (She suspected it may be a government spy?). She was fully aware that the teacher would get pissed off. She courted chaos, she was totally hurt when chaos rejected her advances.

She wound up becoming queen of England, and with, “The Beatles” launched an invasion.

Now a lot of "Sheeple" say, “Your crazy”.(This is a tiny picture of an asshole, this is how these people look= * )

I say, “No, I’m just the one of the few sane people you know, in a very crazy world, so I seem crazy to you”.

Like when your drinking..."DRUNK!", drinking and the people your around all seem "So Cool", then you go around these people while their drunk and your sober, they seem like asshole slobs.

I’ve said this many times. I let the people who like to proclaim my insanity know, I am the last wild animal, and the first real man.(or vice-versa)

I am an artist.

I want to Act Like A Baby Sexual Thang! (roballen2)

The, "I want to act Like a Baby Fantasy" (Beyond Baby Talk)

Now no offense intended for those of you that are really into this type of thing. Hey, What ever floats your boat...but me personally, I don't get into it. But All you folks that do, don't think I'm a snob for thinking it's kind of sick/stupid.

Keep at it. The adult diaper market needs more people like you.

1-The person you’ve been carrying on a intimate relationship with for over three years, Has to have, “A Talk” They confide in you that they like to be sexually simulated by acting like a baby, including soiling their diaper. (which they want you to change) Being feed with a bottle, burped, all the things a baby does and has to be cared for because, " their babies", but this person is an adult. Plus they want you to feed them large amounts of baby food which makes for nasty dumps.

A-Kick them to the curb.

B-you live with them, so you leave.

C- you love them so much you go along with the program.

D-go along with the fantasy, but suggest toilet training.

E-inquire if they already have the needed supplies.

F-suggest psychiatric help. (but this gets them crying like a baby, sobbing, “I told you my most secret fantasy, and you think I'm nuts!) I hate when that happens!

G- you try it, it really turns you on, and you live happily ever after.

F-you try it, it really turns you off, the little baby wipes don’t do the trick for these loads, your always getting poop all over your hands and fingers, toilet training is out of the question for their fantasy… You try bathing them, but they take a crap in the tub.

G-you hire a baby sitter, explaining this is your dim-witted lover, with the I.Q. of an infant. You put out big bucks for this service but everyone’s happy.

H-all attempts to hire someone to do the dirty work fail, your seen “as weird as a person comes“, for having a relationship with a person with the I.Q. of an infant, and are reported to authorities.

I-explain nicely some fantasies are better keep that way, because they loose their grandeur when they come true, and hope they go for that.

J-try to discourage this sexual activity by explaining your own fantasy about taking your steaming mourning dump in your partners mouth, out in the front yard.

What your gonna have to do here is, "copy & Paste" this whole little question thing.

(It's not a big brainer) then make some copies. I suggest you re-type it in "Old Trypewriter Font 14 pt." I don't care if you want to put your name on it...but, what your gonna do is make 5 or 10 copies and leave them in important places where they'll be Found & Read. A bulletin Board is always nice! At work or at scool. Hell tape one to the front door. Then just wait for the talk...hell start the talk, take a copy to who ever is in charge and demand to know what this is all about! If your in charge, hell demand to know what this is all about! If all goes well. Do it again. Waite a good while. Then get the "Leather Clown" questions and do it again?

PLUS! "Fun with Feces"

On Halloween, put some rubber gloves and rub some dog shit on that grumpy neighbors car door handles.....

Why are people always re-acting, maybe you'll activate something.

"The Leather Clown" roballen2

New Questions (roballen2)

Now this is for all people. Women if they are thinking about doing this kind of thing. Men if they have a woman they love, that is thinking about, or does these things.

The Leather Clown

Your woman wants to get into this NEW, S&M thing. She wants to dress up like a clown and “discipline” you.

This is easy because they are Yes & No answers.

1- She wants to buy a $248.00 dollar pair of Big, (Very Big) Bright red clown shoes? a=yes b=No

2-You gotten her the shoes and now she wants you to lick the shoe heal, (Which she calls a boot heal” ) She holds it over your mouth & face and says, “LICK THE BOOTHEAL OF THE TRYRANT CLOWN”. would you. A=Yes b=No

3-She wants to spend a considerable sum on clown clothes, Black fishnets. A whip. A black “Peek-a-boo bra” a very colorful halter dress. (to go with her shoes…of coarse) a=yes b=no

so far… By some freaky bad-craziness you went along with all this. Because…you love her. (no offense to ALL of you folks that are heavy into this type of thing, “It’s all good”!)

4-Now she wants a pink poodle dog, or white one, and she’ll dye it pink. $742.00 a=yeas b= no

5-Now she wants to buy a very, very expensive….very little car. Especially for clowns with a false bottom in it. It cost (Used) as much as a “Mini Cooper New”. a=yeas b=no

6-Now she’s acquired an old fashioned Seltzer Bottle at a second hand store, she want to see how you like it when she squirts it right in your “Butt Hole”! a=yes b=no

7-Now she wants to hire prostitute midgets of both sexes, to help her. a=yeas b=no

8-Now she wants to chase you around the house in the little car to a spot where you hired contractors to put in a sliding trap door, so all the whore midgets can get out of the car and tie you up. a=yes b=no

9-Now she’s got you licking her big red clown shoe, letting the little clown whores tie you up. She is squirting a seltzer bottle up your butt, you poop. a=yes b=no

10-She wants you to let her rub beef gravy on your balls, so the little pink poodle (that she spent YOUR money to have trained to “YAP…YAP’ and do back flips) so it nibbles and bites on your nuts? a=yes b=no


11-She wants to hire a very professional & Expensive film crew to film the whole act. It’s gotten quite involved with you doing to male midget clowns whatever she commands you. Which has gotten quite bizarre. She wants to show this film at the next family reunion? a=yes b=no

Think about your answers carefully. Now remember, this is a woman you love very much. The first to “POOOOOOP’ that cherry boy nut of yours. (and when that shit happen, the lost boys heard you in never-never land, as did Snow White)

"Obscure Mother Symbol" R.Allen

“Obscure Mother Symbol” R.Allen

I love the nature of this world. I can never go anywhere and forget it. It is in me, in my blood, my bones, my soul; I carry it with me Forever. Everything about myself., My body, my mind, my dreams, They are also the children of the earth. I will never die: because I am new with each Child that is born. I came of a melancholy folk; I was born old. I would stay if I were the last man on Earth. I would wander to the Empty cities. See still empty walls and blind windows. See crumbling arches and toppled pillars. They hold a ghost of beauty and Magnificence. It is like a half remembered dream. A dream a whole race once had. I would go to the little Allen’s Chapel Church. See The graveyard behind. I would find my family plot. See the markers, my father, my Grandmother, uncles. Hello Dad, Hello Granny. Hundreds of years of men and women who had lived, worked , begotten, laughed, wept and died. I would stay. The last man. When I die, no one to hold my hands: no one to close my eyes and lay me in the earth-the forests would grow over the land . Wild beast would nuzzle my bones. I would know that. I would be tough enough to take it. My body, my mind, my dreams Children of the earth.

Free Downloads

If you want Free Downloads from the estate of the Late Rob Allen. (Tag=roballen2) hit www.soundcloud, there are 32 free downloads in good clean wav files, 24 & 32 bit. Thank You, L.Allen

Reality, A twisted concept

http://i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc504/roballen2/Album%20of%20a%20new%20god%20in%20town/stonereviewfixed.jpgReconcile dreams by crushing them with Reality. Then the only thing capable of melting the cynicism is learning what to equate with LOVE...Finding that love; and allowing yourself to be healed.

Create Something New & Better! (roballen2)

“Create” (R.Allen)

Please heed the following writing with all seriousness.

If you have any thought and vision, then you know. The human race is destroying itself and the host planet. Not to insult the other primates, but you monkeys haven’t much time left. The time is nearing when you will come close to exterminating yourselves. Not to mention the life forms left that you haven’t already made extinct. 99% of all indigenous peoples that once inhabited the planet are GONE! The “White “European” created many weapons. Almost everything invented or created by white Europeans was first considered for a weapon. Then almost as an afterthought it “Might” be put to a useful application. This being has no compassion for the other forms of life. They have spread their ways to all other cultures (the ones they haven’t killed off) and other species. Now getting to the point…. When this time comes when the population is reduced to a fraction of what it is. Which is too much to begin with. (Read My Essay, “The Simple Truth”) DO NOT REBUILD. CREATE! CREATE a new and better way. The last thing we need is another civilization with the same direction as this one. They do not know what they are, or how to function. The humans MUST find this out FIRST. Then the unveiling of nature will come. When and if thy succeed, out of the ravage they formed. There can be a world free of disease, poverty, Hate, and war. A world running smoothly as can be expected from self-determined individuals. I type this now because when truth and politeness struggle in my mind, or on my tongue.. I let truth WIN, or say, and type nothing. If humans won’t, and don’t learn this lesson, so much worse for them.

Create something new and better, roballen2

Deneweth June
Deneweth June  (about 4 years ago)

we have now--- a creation of Zombie children & All people! Noses & eyes turned downward to a screen--IPad- cell-or IBook! Plugs in their ears & mouths gabbing ceaselessly-- voices & thoughts Lost in the ever vacuum of space!

Two poems of mine, (Rob Allen)

A culture of vultures, And twisted Kings. Scene queen ladies, Pretty young things. Fun young scum, And hollow rats Bent broken bums, And rich, fat cats. If your real Jesus? I feel like dying. I’m worn out and tired, And just sick of tryin’ My heart’s a scar. Inside me I’m crying, So Lord if your real…? I feel like dying.

Easier It’s crazy what life’s about. It’s sunshine, it’s shadow and doubt. I’m tired, I thought it would be easier.

Come around, and believe. Stay with me forever. Life will be much easier.

It’s crazy what love’s about. It’s sunshine, shadow and doubt. I’m tired, I thought it would be easier.

Rob Allen copyright, 1982,1986

"The Answers to ALL LIFE"s QUESTIONS! Truthfully. (R. Allen)

“All The Real Answers to life’s questions, truthfully” (Robert K. Allen 1-26-2011)

Reality= Our Reality is projected MATTER, from a central location. All the universe as we perceive it, is a shifting ever changing , mathematical equation of matter. Similar to a projected holographic laser image on a layers of plastic screen. Like a 3-D movie. We are but one of an unknown number of parallel realities.

Reason for existence=

To recognize and acknowledge the intricate beauty of all things.

Love= The very highest level of caring. An emotion so deep with respect for an entity of life, That anything less diminishes all.

Human religions= A basic solar myth, altered throughout human existence, to suite the controlling elite; To impose and create control for the human growing super-organism that is society. WE are unwitting cells in the super organism that is society. It imposes it’s myths, propaganda, traditions, and hundreds of other things. This limits our freedoms, gives us a False, “world view” and warps our self image. GOD= In human concept usually a deity, or “Father Figure” created by humans to impose certain Laws that hold together and reinforce the beliefs of any particular social order that makes up a regions society. In reality the controlling force of the multi projected “realities of matter” that make up the limitless layers of dimensions that are perceived as universes by the human entities. Totally unimaginable by the projected ever shifting matter that is humankind.

Death= You Matter is no longer animated or composed. You become decomposing matter.