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West Bound and Down

Wheels are in motion for the Dirty Dougs new record. At the end of the month, Harris and myself, along with "filthy" Phil Hardison on the upright bass, are trekking to Nashville to begin production. We are going to make this recording a true representation of what you guys hear when you see us live. Nashville veteran Mr. Terry Downing of "Delicious Blues Stew" will be engineering and producing. Thanks to Terry, Phil and to everyone who supports us and makes this possible.

Doug Sneed

New Year's Eve at the Orangery

I want to send some kudos out for the success of last night's New Years Eve gig. To The Orangery, which stands out as one of our favorite venues to play and it's owner and staff whom always make us feel welcome. To "filthy" Phil Hardison, who played his ass off on bass and kept the crowd on it's dancing feet. As always, to the crowd for keeping up the energy all the way into the New Year. Thanks also to Doug and Lee Mayer for providing the after party venue and for being such great hosts. Harris and I had one of the best gigs of our career last night but could not have done it without all of these elements. If our career for the next year is based on last night's performance then all of you guys have helped launch us into what aims to be a very promising New Year for The Dirty Dougs.

Thank you all so much, Doug Sneed