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Winner International Acoustic Music Award

Dear Victoria:

Congratulations! We are pleased to announce that you have won a Runner-up award at the 10th Annual IAMA Jessica Brandon Artists Relations IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards) *Excellence in Acoustic Music http://www.inacoustic.com info@inacoustic.com

Itunes charts

Victoria was on the iTunes chart with the song "in the World" http://www.music-chart.info/song/1095500/In-the-World-%28Be-Yourself%29

# 6 on Itunes Chart

Number of appearances on the ITunes music charts: 99 Appeared on charts in Australia, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, UK, US. Appeared on the Singer-Songwriter, Vocal genre charts.http://www.music-chart.info/song/1095500/In-the-World-%28Be-Yourself%29

International Songwriting Competition 2012 Second Place

Congratulations! On behalf of everyone at ISC and our judges, It is my pleasure to personally inform you that the song "Drift Away" has won Second Place in the Teen category in the 2012 International Songwriting Competition (ISC).

With over 20,000 entries from 119 countries, this is a remarkable achievement, and we applaud the skill and dedication to the craft of songwriting that this win has proven. All the best,

Candace Avery Founder/Director

"In the World" featured on Video Star (iphone/iPad)

Deuce Management & Promotion is excited to announce that Deuce Act Victoria Celestine’s song In The World is now beginning to go viral over the Internet.

More people began hearing the song as a result of her music being added as a Featured Artist on the new iPhone / iPad application Video Star. The application allows users to video themselves singing a one minute version of the song and provides them with the option to then upload it to video sites such as Youube. At the time of writing, within less than a few weeks, nearly 600,000 people had listened to the song via Video Star with a large percentage of those then visiting her iTunes store through the application. In addition to this over 600 people have posted their own video to In The World on YouTube, resulting in over 80,000 views in total. http://www.deucemp.com/victoriacelestine.html

Austin Big fest music Fest 11/25/2012

OKAY – I was so busy DOING IT that I did not yet get around to reporting formally on last weekend’s Big Stage Music Fest – where all of the performers were under age 18. But let’s get real — the musicians make the show, and this all-day, two-venue event had some of the best young (heck, forget young!) talent I have seen in quite a while. I only have time and space to focus on a few of them — but let’s start with San Antonio’s Victoria Celestine, who performed at both venues. Victoria is 16 but made her debut CD, From the Outside, at age 14, and it is one of the finest pop music records I have heard this year. Now we saw Victoria on solo guitar, but the CD is blessed with Ryan and Sean Jacobi, Brian Beken, Cindy Cashdollar, Brian Donohoe, Brian Standefer and more — and Victoria’s amazing songs and clear, rich vocals. And, yes, she sometimes sings in her father’s native French! http://www.flanfire.com/tag/victoria-celestine/

Premiere Revue en Francais dans le Country Web bulletin

VICTORIA CELESTINE - From the Outside Et si nous avions nous aussi notre Taylor Swift ? C'est ce que je me suis dit en écoutant les chansons de Victoria Celestine, une jeune franco-américaine de 15 ans scolarisée à Grasse sur la Côte d'Azur. Parfaitement bilingue avec un père français et une mère américaine, Victoria compose et écrit ses chansons comme son illustre aînée à Nashville. C'est cependant au Texas que son premier album, « From the Outside », a été enregistré, et le moins que l'on puisse dire est qu'il est d'une qualité surprenante. N'attendez pas pour autant l'éclosion d'une nouvelle LeAnn Rimes car cette jeune artiste précoce ne peut être qualifiée de « chanteuse country ». Sa musique très ouverte la rangerait plutôt dans la catégorie « americana ». Comme Swift, Victoria compose ses chansons mais pour ce qui est du style il faudrait plutôt faire un rapprochement avec Norah Jones ou Diana Krall. Sachez du reste que la demoiselle est une excellente pianiste comme en témoigne cet enregistrement. Elle s'exprime aussi très bien à la guitare acoustique. Si les quatre ou cinq premiers titres de cet album sont réellement country avec la présence d'une pedal steel guitare (Cindy Cashdollar du groupe Asleep at the Wheel) et d'un fiddle, le reste des chansons baignent plutôt dans une ambiance soft/jazz. L'accompagnement est fort riche et bien marqué par le saxophone, la trompette, le piano, la contrebasse, la batterie jazz et même le cor anglais et le mélotron! Victoria sait composer des chansons variées mais situées dans une ambiance relaxante. Plusieurs de ses titres accrocheraient vraiment les auditeurs d'une radio généraliste, notamment sa reprise de « La Vie En Rose » d'Edith Piaf avec mandoline, clarinette et contrebasse, couronnée de son délicieux petit accent américain. Malheureusement attaché au slow qui termine l'album, et donc bien caché, se trouve la plus émouvante reprise de « Love Me Tender » qui m'ait été donné d'entendre avec violon et caisse claire pour unique accompagnement. Retenez bien le nom de cette future grande artiste, elle devrait sous peu éclater au grand jour. Si ce n'est dans le monde de la country, ça sera dans la variété internationale de qualité. Cd Review: Jacques Dufour http://www.cwb.countryenalsace.com/ Septembre/Octobre 2012

Complete review from UberRock.co.uk

Victoria Celestine - 'From The Outside' (Self Released) CD Reviews Written by Rob Watkins Saturday, 25 August 2012 04:00

At the tender age of only 15 San Antonio born Victoria Celestine, after finding music at an early age on the piano and having the dedication to follow through to pick up and master the guitar, debuts her accomplished songwriting that far and away exceed her years on this, her first album, 'From The Outside'. Smoothly drifting in with 'In The Headlights', a country tinged number that also shows possibly some inspiration and influence from the likes of Regina Spektor and Norah Jones amongst other notable female vocalists, allows enough Celestine originality to shine through so brightly, with some dreamy vocal passages on 'Soul Searching' coming over so admirably it's difficult to think this lady is a mere fifteen years of age. 'Run' jigs along with all its country-tinted swagger inside the delicious Celestine vocal performance while 'Uh Oh' shows off her commercial side ala the aforementioned Spektor with the inclusion of varied instrumentation, and that inspiration flows delicately into 'In The World (Be Yourself)', a beautifully crafted tune with its dream-esque progressions and retro slanted musical arrangements. As the album progresses and opens up so perfectly, Miss Celestine broadens her musical wings widely covering all genres and musical aspects so grandly, especially on the diamond genius-like inclusion of Edith Piaf's 1940s signature track 'La Vie En Rose', performed so sexily in French with a heartwarming instrumental accompaniment. The summer-dazed feel continues into 'Stereotype' and the commercial elements of Victoria Celestine's songwriting are proving to be absolutely brilliant and will become, sooner rather than later, a global musical brand. Her extraordinary youthful songwriting perfection on 'Tell Me' and the classic '40s heyday musical inspiration of 'Drift Away' is enough to bring this grown man to tears. Title track 'From The Outside' again, unsurprisingly, has me in awe of this wonderfully talented San Antonio youth; the alluring, dazzling balance between acoustic guitar and divine exquisite vocal delivery on 'Don't Let Me Go', with its underlying string arrangement, is so gracefully performed, before this radiant opus ends with an angelic version of 'Love Me Tender', Elvis Presley's sublime classic. Irrelevant of musical genres and so forth...this is songwriting perfection and musical genius...LISTEN. http://www.uberrock.co.uk/cd-reviews/28-august-cd/5851-victoria-celestine-from-the-outside-self-released.html

Review San Antonio Current (Feb 01, 2012)

"Victoria Celestine leads tomorrow's music scene "Her music's tight and original … informed by the singer-songwriter style, but there was a little of Texas/country honesty in there," Raphael told the Current via email. "Her songs have witty, intelligent observations, and a whole lot of accomplished musical ambition on display." Celestine, who plays guitar and piano took her first guitar lesson at the Bulverde Academy of Music with Bobby Flores when she was 13. She hasn't stopped writing and playing since. She cites Van Morrison as one of her biggest influences, but draws from blues and jazz as well. Vocal comparisons to Norah Jones seem too obvious, but for good reason. Except for a couple of covers ( "La Vie en Rose" and "Love Me Tender"), she has a knack for writing catchy and sweet songs, and an emotional maturity and wisdom beyond what's expected of most young teenagers. "I'd love to just explore, really," Celestine told the Current about her plans for the future. — Kelsey Val" - Kelsey Valadez, San Antonio Current (Feb 01, 2012)

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