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Rhythm In The Night

Rhythm in The Night is actually iFAN band first song dated back as far as 15 May, 1992. The song was first composed on a Yamaha RGB electric guitar and a piece of outworn music sheets.

Rhythm in The Night's lyric was once the fundamental invention of iFAN band whose sobriquet taken from Ido Firadyanie Art Nouveou based in Kuala Lumpur. Well at that time, the singer-composer Ido Firadyanie was overly indulged in heavy metal bands like Iron Maiden, The Scorpion and Bon Jovi, he alone risen on his feet starting to write lyrics and played the guitar. Writing was his prime passion. Thus come later the urge to compose music.

After learning few years through books, teachers and videos, iFAN band became versed in composition. For many years, Rhythm in The Night and Crooning Merits Night were played solo on the guitar. Only after the singer-composer got the chance to pursue his higher education at the local college, then he had the better facilities to digitally record his album.

Somehow, with the thorough use of Sonar software and Guitar Rig, thence come the completion of this 1st album: Rhythm in The Night. Do enjoy listening the piece!