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Slayer is our Beatles, no Slayer no Coven with Slayer in disarray in the wake of Haneman's injury then Lombardo's most recent exit and other problems within the band. Now this! It is a lot to bare! Sad sad news! THE DAY THE METAL DIED! :'( \,,/ \,,/ http://www.noise11.com/news/breaking-jeff-hanneman-of-slayer-dies-at-age-49-20130503

Coven in Yakima & video interview!!!

Coven will at Bill's Place in Yakima this Saturday May 4th 2013 with The Saints of Damnation and UPAS. We hope to see a lot of our fans there who have been asking Coven to come to Eastern Washington. See you there! In other news Coven is working hard on new material so are not playing as many shows. We had a guest at practice recently. Bonny Tuller from Wild Child Magazine https://www.facebook.com/WildChildMagazine http://www.facebook.com/wildchildgirls who did an video interview which will be posted soon. -Neal \,,/ \,,/

Free Coven Android App!!!!!!!

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Coven, Kill Closet, Hatefist, Blood & Thunder $10 DOOR, $5 ADV, or wear your COVEN shirt or hoodie for $5 Admission! http://www.facebook.com/events/148586601961469/

Finally a good Boneless Christian review! LOL

I recently obtained a CD entitled “Boneless Christian” by the obscure and cult followed band COVEN. This record came out in 1994 and is the third album by this Washington state band. From a historical background we all know of the hotbed Thrash scenes of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City in the 80’s and early 90’s. However, there was quite a burgeoning and vibrant scene in Washington at the time as well. The upper North West had a unique amalgamation of bands that played together during those glorious years. Punk/Hardcore bands had a distinct sound of their own in this area, far different from the NYC Hardcore/skin-head scene. It was the influence and traces of the upcoming Grunge sound that would completely transform the face of aggressive American music. Some of the greatest bands came out of the dreary and yet beautiful Washington area – The Accused, Forced Entry, Panic, Gruntruck, Green River, and Bitter End to name a few and we can add Coven to that list as well.

“Boneless Christian”. I can’t think of a more humorous title. What we have here is 8 tracks of over the top, blatant, and vehement anti-Christianity. Some of the choice song titles speak volumes as to where these guys are coming from – “Satanic As Hell”, “F**kin A Nun”, “Christsycle/Reaming The Pope”. Before some of you furl your brow, make a face, roll your eyes, or pull a prissy attitude – you gotta understand that this is all cheeky humor. It’s meant to be tongue and cheek and shocking. At the same time that the lyrics are quite ridiculous, you can’t help but laugh because they’re also quite funny in the context of the songs. For being recorded in 1994, this is a monstrous sounding record. The production is thick as a steak and doesn’t tread in the thin and bottom heavy-less sound of the time. At the same time, it is very organic and the tones are awesome and natural. None of the modern day studio trickery, samples, triggers, and all that nonsense that makes everyone sound the same. The drummer is absolutely amazing and his double bass work is mighty. Bass guitar is high up in the mix and this dude plays some wicked lines. The songs are short, concise, and quite memorable. Two of the other guys trade off on vocal duties equally on the tracks. One is better sounding than the other and there’s plenty of high end shrieking to make you cringe. Most of the album stays in mid-tempo range with occasional speedy bursts of mayhem. It’ll keep your foot tapping and your head bobbing. Good stuff, albeit more so for the Thrash purist and collector such as myself. 05/29/2012 AAMIR www.gonzogeek.com

New FREE Coven Android phone app is here!

New FREE Coven Android phone app is available NOW! The IPhone version should be available at any moment so keep checking back! Next Coven show Febuary 9th ALL AGES @ Studio 7! -Neal

Tickets for our show May 30th with Destruction

We have tickets available, for the 30th show we can hook you up with the band member nearest you from Marysville to Maple Valley and in between! -Neal

Upcoming interview for The Albatross


Coven is back!

After about 20 years Coven is returning, the same Coven from Seattle who brought you McDonaldland Massacre, Iron Dick and many other classic metal tracks. After many years of trying to assemble a stable lineup we have finally done it. Myself (Neal Babbitt) on Drums my brother Dean Babbitt on guitar long time evil familiar known only as the mysterious UnderBishop also on guitar. We recently have had the privilege of adding the insanely diabolical voice of mister Jamie Carter as well as the textbook definition of metal bassplayer Eric Ryan Close.

Coven is currently preparing for shows in Washington state and California with more shows to be announced in the upcoming months as well as recording new material for release. -Neal