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Gone - Crowd Review

The results are in! That's right, I went way out on a limb again and had another song review done, one person had this to say: “This songs beginning was raw and just bad to the bone. All I could think of when listening to this song was the amazing originality. Artist these days lack that original artist personality in their songs. This song would be a great track for movie. This song just screams rock and roll biker type of vibe. Very impressed by the originality and creativity. 10 out of 10.” Here is another one I liked: “Loud Guitar,hmm artist has an interesting voice. Song has an interesting sound to it. The lyrics, have a lot of meaning, powerful lyrics. The beat is repetitive but it goes with the song. Definitely has a different, sound and quality, but not bad. I could hear this song on the radio, or in a TV show, or even in a movie. It could be made into a CD, but I think the song should be a little longer.” Thanks 4 your interest, and .,., Rock On!!

Crazy Over You - Crowd Review

The results are in! My "Crowd Review" for "Crazy Over You" is done, and here's a few comments I'd like to share, [“Rockin guitar. Is this Johnny cash? hahaha. Tone is irrelevant in this review. He has a great style, smooth killer and the lyrics are simple to follow along with. I wish the sound quality was better and the song was a little longer. But besides that, im grading this a 6. Cant complain about much. great job buddy.”] Here's another one I liked a lot, [“The intro of the song gives a scary mood which is added by the way and voice of the singer. I could imagine this song being in a horror film during the credits or played during certain parts of the film. I think its interesting how they just used the guitar and its distortion for as the only instrument in the song. This also adds to the scary mood of the song. I think the lyrics are interesting and I enjoyed the choice of some of the words that was used. The song is quite short but I think that its effective and that makes the song better in its own way. I like the irony of how it 's about someone talking about how much they love someone over this dark scary beat which then makes me question what kind of love is this? Overall I think this song would fit perfectly in a horror film set in the country side somewhere with 'hillbillies' and what not, its a song for that purpose.”] And this one was very nice [“Wow! I will buy your album. Improve the voices in your song though. Making money man. I love the chorus of the song. Your song flows very well. Just improve the beats and voices. I will give you an eight good song man. I don't know why your the first I heard like that.”] I'll leave you with one more [“Great beat in the beginning, typical rock and roll song sounds. Then I heard the lyrics and the voice and it is very different. The singing is some what singing but mainly talking, but very nice sounding with the beats. I am very interested in this song. I cannot wait to hear more by this artist and see what else he comes up with. Nice job.”] The reviews weren't all positive by any means but I was happy I decided to give it a try. Thanks for your time and interest! .,., John