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Announcement of the Wardrum's debut album release

Wardrum is a new Prog-Power Metal band from Thessaloniki (GR), formed in June 2010 by drummer Stergios Kourou (Horizon's End). Τhe line up completes the great singer Piero Leporale (Uli Jon Roth, 60-70 Rock Band), the "finger-picking" guitar hero Kosta Vreto (Horizon's End, x-Vavel) and the bass master Kostas Scandalis (Horizon's End). The recordings of their debut album "Spadework" are already done and the result is more than exciting. The Wardrum songs, in spite of their characteristic technical rhythmic patterns and riffs, are all based on the vocal melodies and certainly keep an easy to catch mood with their emerging chorus parts and breathtaking guitar solos, while the cover artwork was done by Michal Karcz, member of the Rainer Kalwitz crew (cover artworks for Shadow Gallery, Century Media, Massacre a.m.m.).

"Spadework" will be released by Steel Gallery Records in the middle of April 2011.

For more information, please visit the Wardrum Official Website http://www.wardrum.gr or our related profiles:

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/wardrumband

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