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Come out to the TEXAS BUZZ live at Scout Bar in Clear Lake on Aug. 26th. We take the stage at 10pm and we cant wait to rock ur damn balls off !!! its always a bad ass show and we promise to bring the house down. come check us out and get ur hands on free demos and stickers !!!

Avid Fixation in Thunder Rally of Texas Biker fest (Austin)

We will be teaming up with 30+ bands for a 4 day event in the Travis County Exposition Center in Austin TX. One of the largest and most notable motorcycle events with a lot of live music performances. Visit the website for more information and news


Avid Fixation: Behind the Sound

A lot of people ask what the band would classify their sound as. Simply their own unique form of hard rock/metal. The guitar riffs delivered by Afek and Goldman bring a strong accentuated strength to the songs. Long's bass thump and use of effects make him unique in his own sound,throwing in appropriate fills to even the score. Dave's drumming is very agressive and particular on a lot of the riffs. Afek uses the clean and scream vocal technique. The hook or other distinct parts of the song feature scream runs, Long also helps out with these to make a dualing vocal on some songs. The lyrics are often fast paced or slow with a lot of emotion. The band talks about subconscious idealities. In example, the ego vs the owner in one song, or a glimpse of the mind of sumone under the influence of drugs. The scream and clean technqiue emphasises these tales, and much of the energy is derived from it along with the fast paced upbeat melodies created by the band. Avid Fixation, a skilled obession bringing you a unique form of hard rock/alternative metalcore.