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Recording update

Main vocals finished, clean vocals almost done Getting close!!


Almost finished with main vocal tracks, now for the clean vocals


Rhythm guitar done on 4 songs and they sound huge!!


We're happy to announce that today we started tracking drums for our upcoming album. We'll keep you updated!

Though for today

For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whosoever believed on him will have eternal life Amen


Played our first show last Sat. at Murray Hill Theater and it was a blast, thanks to all that braved the weather and came out. This Sat, we are in Orlando at Will's Pub, come out and bang your head with us See you there


Finishing up the EP in the next month and look to be playing shows by the end of June! Will give more updates as we get more info!

Shows, Band members and the like

Now that we have a full band, and we're finishing up mixing and mastering our EP, we will be playing a show on October 29th here in Melbourne, more details to come soon!

Looking for a Bass player

Thought of Redemption is currently seeking a Bass player to finish our line up Our plan is to record a CD in the next few months so we can finally get some music up for you guys to hear We have about six songs and a few more in the works,we hope to play many shows this year, we will see :)