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Saturday gig (secret and private but we'll mention it anyway!)

We'll be saying goodbye to a Lancastrian friend this Saturday through the usual medium of volumetric Balkan and Klezmerage.

I'm afraid we can't give away the secret location of the party but if you happen to be wandering up Moor Lane in the evening and hear the music of the Balkanics wafting on the breeze then come and investigate further!

Happy Night and Day

We had a great time in Manchester playing Night and Day, thanks to everyone who came to see us. Great venue and some serious volume on the sound, hello tinnitus!

It was brilliant to catch up with some old friends we'd not seen for ages, and then the Castle Hotel went down very well! We'll be back in Manchester soon...

Balkanic reverberations

Festive whisky-warmed greetings from the Balkanics...it's been great to get our debut CD out this year and we've had some fun gigs in 2010....thanks to all of you who came to our shows and who've got hold of Penelope (if you know what we mean!)

Next year we kick things off on January 8th with a gig at Manchester's famous Night and Day Cafe, which should be a great venue to play. Then let's see what's going to happen over the summer festival season, watch this space....