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Wassup people!!! We are currently in the process of spreading the word about our YouTube account and getting more Subscribers! If you haven't watched our videos or listened to our music then take the time out to do so now... We are really worth the listen. But right now, I am writing this blog to ask of anyone who reads it, if you like our music show your support by visiting our YouTube channel and 1st hitting Subscribe and then posting one of our videos on Facebook or Twitter!! We've realized that we can't do it all, you know spread the word just by ourselves. We need a street team, or shall I say NET TEAM behind us showing their support as well.

To all of you who do so, heres our Thanks in advance!!! -Darje'

Help Support Us!

We notice when alot of people add us, they don't actually take the time out to view our music. Well from here on out this is what we ask of ALL of you, to show your support, after you become a fan listen to at least 2 of our songs. We really are worth the time it will take to check us out. & after listening if your not really feeling us, then you can easily take yourself off our fan list. We need REAL FANS, a TRUE FANBASE who are behind us ready to help get our name out! Also when you become a fan, it only takes 2 extra seconds to click the like button which will allow others to view us on facebook. We appreciate and love every single person who takes the time to 1. become a fan, 2. actually listen to our music, and 3. hit the like button which shares us with others! Thanks to ALL OF YOU who have done so. & we will continue to not let our fans down. We appreciate all of the comments that have been left and we just wanna thank EVERYONE who fcks with us. Its DARJE' Bitches... and WE COMING!! Also don't forget to check out our recommended artist, XOXO