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Getting Started...

The beginning. A whirlwind of emotion and confusion, a mixture of the fear of setting our hopes too high while having real, legitimate hope in what is to come.

But how incredible it has been so far! We have our first recording finished, and we have everything technological. Ever. Or at least, so it feels. Twitter, myspace, facebook page, blog (well, that one's less-than-public-worthy), and, of course, reverbnation! Not to mention the other promo options we're that have yet to go under way.

It's so incredible that we're already up to #19 on the local charts! Each of you who have visited the site, listened, and/or bought the song are absolute WONDERFUL and I hope you know that we don't take it lightly. We are truly blessed beyond measure.

So, you may be asking, what is the next step? Where do we go from here?

Well, it's time for us to get to work. We, of course, would like to continue availability for worship services. We'd like to make some acoustic recordings so that we can have a full album available, that people may really get to know us and our sound. They won't be as good of a quality as the recording we have of "Crazy Life", but it'll be something!

We're also planning on getting some merchandise under way, which I'm REALLY excited about. The plan is that all of our merch will be hand-decorated, including handbags and handbags. It will also include the demo acoustic CD that I mentioned earlier. Arts and crafts time, as well as making stuff for our awesome fans to take home and use? Win-win.

So that's the update we have available for now! Any questions or comments? Or, HEY! Just feel like chatting? We'd love to hear from you either way!

Love, peace, and blessings.