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My studio " The Animaaudi "

My studio name called "The Animaaudi" it's means " the animated audio " . Creating a virtual sound and other animated electronic music. This time i'm work in Thamine Amplifire group in there we have peavey and yamahar mixer. And we have a behringer dynamic processor and compressor, Oh and er... expander gate and ...... and peavey compressor , too. In my studio i have just only Computer and pre amp . I use " abelton,reason,energy,computer synth maker ,trakarto,cubase se,adobe,cake walk and so much of music creation software ". I create more electronic music style in my studio and i think i'm keen in this "music "oh........and classic style too. My dream is to have a great studio in Myanmar. My studio was build in 23.2.2007.And that's my private room full of book and other mess things. I know my self i need more and much experience and knowledge about audio engineering and music creation. Can you help me about that ? I really really wanna abroad to other nation and have an experiences and knowledges about audio engineering .

My name is Henry Chit , You can share what it's in you mind about me. have a great time , dear..... :)

Keep me in the perfect and silance place

....Love, is that cool or something? nothing is so dangerous as being too crazy in love.Me , Henry C is chasing the victory as much as he can .