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Sweet Summer's Gone Away....

Thank you to everyone who came to our shows this summer - what a blast we had! We think we hit a record, not only in # of concerts, but ALL of our outdoor shows happened without RAIN - a first! No reschedules, no moving inside, no cancellations-WOW! It was that kinda special summer and we are so thankful to have shared it with so many wonderful folks. And now we head into the time of apples, pumpkins, haybales and sweaters. We're rarin' to go!


And we're enjoying this heck out of it! We kicked off the start of the season at the First (of many, we hope) Strawberry Festival at Judson Meadows in Glenville NY - what a treat. Look for us in the Western MA/Eastern NY area throughout the summer. We've got many free concerts, farmers' markets and other fun-filled events comin' your way! And don't forget to enjoy an evening in any of the fine Berkshire establishments that feature live music (like the Lion's Den Pub, The Dream Away Lodge or The Starving Artist Cafe). The hills are alive!

We're home!

It's so great to be back in the Berkshires and watch Spring emerge... a lovely time of year! We are also thrilled to be back at our local haunts like the Dream Away, the Lion's Den & the Starving Artist Cafe and the many local Farmers' Markets. We've got a full summer of music lined up and hope that we see you somewhere along the way. We hope our music puts a little pep in your step and brightens your day!

Apples in the summertime, peaches in the fall

We had a great Sept/Oct so far! Thanks to everyone who's come out and hollered with us. Heading into Nov/Dec, we've got some exciting upcoming shows, including an appearance on WAMC'S "DANCING ON THE AIR"; airdate 11/13. HOLLA!

Hot Fun in the Summertime!

This has been our busiest summer to date and though July was a blur, what a great time we had! Everywhere we played we made new friends, saw some familiar faces, and generally felt SO lucky to be playing music that we love for people having fun! What a treat to share so many special events with folks and extend our "neighborhood"! Summer's not over yet, so we're looking forward to another great month of music in August!!

Caffe Lena & Guy Davis

We had a blast opening for Guy Davis at Caffe Lena last week. There were banjos, guitars and harmonicas all OVER da place! And all 3 of us wore vests - go figure! Guy is a riveting performer and amazing musician. He thrilled me by play a Robert Wilkins tune! Caffe Lena is such an amazing venue for live music - thanks to all the staff for making us feel so welcome!

Flurries and Follies at the Dream Away

It was a lovely, intimate musical evening in the Dream Away's living room last night. The fire burned warmly, the snow blustered, and Jack the beagle howled (sang) while I clogged. We made some new friends and caught up with some old pals. A lovely night on the mountain!

Bye-Bye August!

What a great August we had! Thanks to everyone who came out to support live music - you made our days!

Granville MA: we were moved indoors given the threatening skies and pop-up thunderstorms, and that was GOOD! What a wonderful space with perfect acoustics - no sound required - and we and the audience delighted in the sounds of old instruments doing their job and then some. Goosebumps! We also had a great time up at Sweetwood Ind. Living - views of Mt. Greylock and a perfect summer evening and at Lilac Park in Lenox. And our first appearance at the Lion's Den was a hit - thanks to everyone who came out!

Back from Clifftop!

WOW, more fun than we could shake a banjo at! Our ears are still ringing with the sounds of banjos and fiddles - and that's good! We're looking forward to some fun this weekend in Granville - lots more summer and lots more MUSIC left! Hope to see you!

Banjos & fiddles, Oh MY!

We had a big time this past week, starting with a wonderful outdoor show Thurs. at Angel Park , a lovely garden spot in Williamsburg, MA. Not only were the kids barking along to "Baby Call Your Dog off, PLEASE", but a real live dog howled along too. He was purty good! From there it was on to our local favorite nightspot, The Dream Away Lodge, where we played to a packed house of old-time music lovers. Must have been that full moon :) Thanks to all! Saturday we played for our friends and neighbors at the annual Township #1 Day at the Bidwell house, bringing more banjos than anyone had ever seen ( including minstrel & gourd). Fun. And the pie/cake/cookie contest was good too :) Sunday we had a last-minute addition to our schedule and played for brunch at the Starving Artist Cafe in Lee, MA. The beet hash was AMAZING, and the music was extra special with our good pals, the wonderful Rafe Stefanini & Nikki Lee. We filled the gallery with old-time LOVE.

Hope summer's good to you and you're out there goin' for the gusto - so much to do, so little time.

Peace n banjos, Paula