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Different City Different Town

Feels exceptional to be making strong moves through out the Southern district of the U.S. next stop overseas shows and events. Gd Bless the real passion for Real Music and Success.


i need to have to my game up if ima try this, skinny white double knot lets tie this, please understained i dont claim im the flyest, I just fight for the green like irish, i miss hip hop, used to be alive when , before tha internet and the pirates, half the ones rappin bout dope prolly lyin, ringtone rap is so wack im replyin, i ain knockin hustle i really struggle a bruh, same clothes servin rock n roll bubble double up, (thanks GOD) baseheads smoke like mufflers, cause if not Id be a broke down struggla, prolly dont fuck wit ya, all i feel is pain, my momma was a junkie my daddy gave me game, pause my first chain was black shoestring, with a pair of white dice crap shot in tha rain, my best friends died when i was locked up, overdosed on methodone eyes locked up, now my nose stopped up ..cryin, pissed off all tha real ones end up dyin, loose end tyin.. strings gettn shorter, state of florida finally gotta rapper who in order, i gotta do it for me, my daddy, and my daughter, i do it cause i can lend me ya hand lets do it for tommorrow,