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2010 in Hindsight

It was a good year for us, though only one of the times did we have more than one actual instrument playing at a time. But, you know, we formed in 2010, so that's a good thing.

Jam Session I was impromptu and unexpected. We had been talking for a little while about starting a band, but we didn't expect it to be then.

Jam Session II: Bitchin' Fo' Sheezies was planned, but more as a joke. We wanted to jam together again, but we had other plans for that day.

Jam Session III: Angry Drums was the first one we had an actual drum kit for and it is probably the best to date. There are, obviously, a couple of songs on there I would not listen to, but I still enjoy most.

Last night, I compiled the best 20 songs from 2010 into an album titled "Into the Swamp." It's fun to listen to and holds the most comedic and musical tracks we have recorded.

We plan on jamming again on Friday.