For Immediate Release 2-13-2013

Oakland based band Fucktard announce spring tour April 3-19

With all the, "End of the World Prophecies", that didn't come true and now with the resignation of the Pope, we feel that at this time in history people need to believe in themselves rather than some ancient sooth sayer or some modern day mystic cult leader. So we have teamed up with the band Black Market Prophets to bring you the FUCK PROPHETS TOUR ! April 3-19 starting in California and heading across AZ and TX to New Orleans and back. Traditionally Government control and Religious control of people have worked together imprisoning us in their dumbed down version of what they think society should be. They do this, basically just so they can make all the money and keep us enslaved. So, Lets usher in a new world of enlightenment as we cast off the hypocrisy and corruption of the old archaic world of yesterday. Fuck their higher power Fuck their Moral Authority FUCK PROPHETS and FUCK PROFITS too ! Tourdates are posted here: www.reverbnation.com/fucktard

Fucktard www.reverbnation.com/Fucktard

Black Market Prophets www.reverbnation.com/blackmarketprophets

Fucktard App Now Available for Android

#Fucktard App for Android is here http://www.reverbnation.com/fucktard/app This free mobile APP for the band Fucktard gives you access to our music tourdates and general info. Our plan is to expand the APP to include twitter feed from the hashtag #Fucktard, and also provide links to find all things a FUCKTARD would want like drugs, bars, escort services, churches, police stations etc. The App is made available through reverbnation for free to bands that are on their site. Its a cool service, hopefully thew iphone app will be free one day right now it costs $250 and i only like to do promo stuff thats free. So for now the app is only available for androi\d users. When you download the app, please send us a message here so we know you are using the app. thanks ! John the Baker Fucktard GET IT SHARE IT. RT

april 2013 tourdates

Fucktard is planning a tour APRIL 3-18. below are our potential dates and cities. Contact john the baker johnbthebaker666 @ gmail com if u want to help in one of these cities. thx! See you on the road soon. Wed 3 Santa Cruz Tr 4. Orange County LA Ca Friday 5. Vegas Sat 6 flagstaff Sun 7 Phoenix M 8 el paso T 9 off driving Wed 10 san Antonio Tr 11 Dallas Fri 12 Austin Sat13 new Orleans Sun 14 Houston M 15 off driving T 16 off driving W 17 East LA Tr 18 San Luis Obispo

Maximum Rock n Roll review Fucktard split casette

happy new year 2013. we got a review of our split cassette release with total anarchy in MRR to start the year off right. Fucktard was stated to sound like a mix of Dead Kennedys and Crucifux. I call that a good review. we certainly dont try to sound like those bands but being comparred to them is a high honor. theres a pic of the review in the photos on the reverb page here. and i will transcribe the review and post in the press section too. thanks to all our fans for the great support. Not only did we get a great review in MRR we also shot up in the reverb rock charts for oakland to number 78. The start of a great new year !!

2012 Year of the Fucktard

So many fucktards did some stupid shit this year. We do every year but this year was exceptional. With the end of the Mayan calender making everyone wonder if the world was going to end many Fucktards bought guns and stockpiled food. Fucktard the band did 2 big tours and put out 2 new releases. Of course only a Fucktard would drive across country during the hottest summer on record in a van with a bad radiator. Yea well the van blew up in New York half way thru the tour. We scrapped together $900 and bought a new van and kept touring and the rust bucket we got in NY brought us all the way home and is now on the road and has gotten us to many shows since. . We released a split cassette with Total Anarchy from Indonesia on CIB records (indonesia) and Resurrection Records (usa). We also released the Corporate Rats 7" on Dead Rodent Records (indianapolis). 2013 Fucktard we will write and record a new record and also will be touring to New Orleans in April. We will also do a summer tour but not sure when just yet. We just wanted to say thanks to all our friends who have helped Fucktard grow. Speaking of growth, btw now and new years eve we are doing a campaign to pass the band Neurosis on the reverb charts for oakland. Fucktard has climbed into the top 100 and currently is at number 86. Neurosis is number 3 and there is not much time left before the end of the year so pls listen to our music on reverbnation and share with your friends. thanks again everyone ! Fucktard Family John the Baker PS Only a Fucktard would ask their friends to vote for them in a stupid contest.SO WE ARE ASKING YOU.

Fucktard release new record

9-11-12 for immediate release Fucktard release split cassette with Total Anarchy from Indonesia.on Resurrection Records. http://www.resurrectionrecords.bandcamp.com/album/split This 15 song split with 8 songs from Fucktard will enlighten you to the struggles of punks around the world. With God rightious people and Governments Gone Wild we ordinary people are being treated like criminals. In the USA in Indonesia in Russia in Europe, Africa, Australlia, and everywhere everywhere regular foks are being made out to be the bad guys. Well, we are here to say FUCK THAT SHIT. and while only a Fucktard would call for Total Anarchy, we need to do something drastic to change the systems that dominate us and treat us like slaves. Governments need to embrace peoples differences and fuel peoples growth and individuality. Churches need to teach compassion and tolerance. But what we get are Govenments that want to crunch people into boxes of normalcy and conformity and that try to chush anyone with a difference of opinion. And the churches just want us to follow blindly while church leaders abuse power and cover up their crimes. So, we may be Fucktards , but we are calling for Total Anarchy ! Fuck the church fuck the governments. We the people know how to live our lives with freedom and compassion. We wont be your slaves and we wont follow what the church says is Gods will. Jesus was a punk motherfucker who questioned authority and embraced and empowewred the less fortunate. Its time to resurrect the jesus inside you to lay your bodies in front of the tanks and soldiers of war and to stand up to corruption . Get Resurrected. Get Empowered Get up OFF Yer ASS and create the world that is truely devine and wondereous. www.getresurrected.com

New Fucktard Releases

Sept 1 2012 For Immediate Release. The Fucktard Corporate Rats 7" is being released on Dead Rodent Records. The test pressings just arrived and sound awesome. Pre Orders will be happening soon. Songs on the 7" are : side 1. Corporate Rats, Fuck the Fascist U$A, Get Outta My Face. side 2 Crackbaby Artwork by Jared Power (fucktard Bass Player) Next up is a split cassette release with Fucktard and Total Anarchy from Indonesia. This will be out soon on Indonesian Label CIB and also in U$A on Resurrection Records. This cassette will have 8 Fucktard songs. Fuck the Fascist U$A, Century 21 Scum, She Hates My Music, JESUS WAS A PUNK, Woodstock Punks are Full of Shit, Cops are Fuckin Little Girls, Fist Fuck the Pope, Corporate Rats. The split tape will also be available for download on bandcamp. Stay tuned this is all gonna happen in the next 2 weeks. Please share and spread the word-FUCKTARD ! listen to tracks here on ReverbNation www.reverbnation.com/fucktard

TOUR starts wednesday june 13

Fuck the Fascist U$A Tour with Fucktard and Common Human Traits starts june 13 in Flagstaff AZ. and ends back in Eureka Ca July 15. The dates are June 13- July 15. On June 22 Fucktard co headlines the festival at Skatopia in Rutland Ohio known as the annual Bowl Bash. We also Play the Philly Punx Picnic on June 29 at the Millcreek Tavern and a big show in Jamaca Plains MA playing with Urban Waste and the FUs. on July 1st we play in Woodstock at the Varga Gallery 3 doors down from the police station near where John the Baker was arrested for lyrical content, which ultimately led to JTB winning a $20,000 settlement for unconstitutional arrest and later JTB got several cops fired for sexual mis conduct with minors. the tour heads west back across the north hitting Seattle and Portland and ending in Eureka on John the Bakers 50th Birthday. This is gonna be a great tour regarless of the fascist U$As willful abuse and neglect of its citizens.Fuck the Fascist U$A we are gonna have a great time !

MAY 1 Fucktard release new song

On May 1 2012 Fucktard release new song, GET OUTTA MY FACE, in support of MAY 1st Global General Strike via Tankcrimes Records. Streaming and for FREE download. Happy MAY DAY ! http://downloads.tankcrimes.com/track/get-outta-my-face-2

Fucktard Announce USA TOUR

Oakland California's Fucktard announce the FUCK THE FASCIST U$A TOUR june 12-July 15 hitting cities all around the country this summer Fucktard will be rocking the brains of corporate america and inspiring their kids to take action against corruption and corporate greed. Look out parents we are coming for your children and then they will come for YOU! Yes this is an ultimatum, "Either change you old world ways or you will loose everything, your children included" Supporting Fucktard on the FUCK THE FASCIST USA TOUR is Common Human Traits another oakland based band poised to destroy the parental scripts that have maimed the kids of america. Fuck YOUR Parents Fuck Your Church and Fuck the FASCIST U$A FUCKTARD ! www.reverbnation/fucktard www.commonhumantraits.bandcamp.com johnthebaker666@gmaikl.com www.twitter.com/jtb666