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Grinding Hard...

Fact: Not everyone will like your flavor. Fact: Not everyone you meet will give you an honest opinion. Belief: You have to KNOW that you have been given a gift before you can share it. Belief: The market will rock to this sound! A couple of things that should be remembered… Keep your mouth SHUT before you talk about things you don’t understand. Don’t presume that we aren’t musicians because we pre-compose our instrumentation. Whether you pick a guitar, play the piano or compose a one man orchestra, music is and always will be in the ear of the beholder. I love music. Music can lift you, break you and change you! All music is inspired by the Grand Creator and for me that is a fact that cannot be debated. The spoken word is a powerful thing. I want to share my story, and the way that I’ve chosen to share it is through hip-hop. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. I respect all genres of music. Music can be an extension of who we are. I am passionate about what I do, but my passion does not change me rather it is an extension of who I am and where I want to be.

MuZic with a story!

The way I see it MuZic with a story is comming back! I say this because people can feel a real change approaching. Struggle is close to so many. Over 10% unemployement (National Average). I believe the real number to be much more. A town not far from our location has peeked to 19%. People want to hear lyrics that move, inspire and support change! Who cares about your ICE man get this shit right. Student loan trubbles...with a system trying to make us believe this lie...I'll go back to school and change my approach to business. Next thought, I'm finished, student loans everywhere...what job? Where are the jobs? Gas is back to 3 dollars, where are we people? Even the school system is close to being dead broke, but in this state we have the education lottery...They are lieing to us! MuZic can be a voice of reason if we chose it to be.... Keep Pushing!

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