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I know musicians and artists. I know a few writers and actors too. All of them I consider to be incredibly intelligent and thoughtful people. Most are modest and prefer to fly under the radar yet they chose a life that is under review. Why?

The ability to create art and the courage put it out there despite critics at every turn makes me respect these wierdos. Sleeping on shit couches and hanging out in basements all day just banging out chords and dreaming of the next big "Where is My Mind" has a poetic dignity....kind of.

So what's my point: Next time you see a band and think, "they suck"! Don't think that. They may be playing somebodies favorite song. Better yet, they just might be brilliant. Next time you read a movie, book, food, or record review, don't trust them and don't let somebody make up your mind for you. It's your thing. Like what you like. But lastly, most people who create art aren't doing touchdown dances and saying, "look at me" they just love to do it and hope you like it too.

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